flynax-report-broken-listing-pluginFlynax continues its development of powerful and convenient plugins that help classifieds website owners to simplify the management and use of classifieds websites.

Flynax gladly informs about the release of the new and needed plugin – Report Broken Listing. This new Flynax plugin helps website owners to manage site’s content with users’ help. Isn’t it a good idea to involve users in site’s improvement and make them interested in site use? We guess yes.

The plugin features the following:

– Report submission icon
– Recall report option
– Administration interface for managing reports

Flynax Report Broken Listing allows to make reports of listings that are damaged or contain not allowed content. Your users can easily make this kind of reports by clicking on a special icon that they can find on every listing page with details.

Report broken Plugin ads an administration functionality that can help you as a classifieds site administrator to check the reports and then apply necessary actions such as delete or leave listing.

Taking into account that sometimes when people change their mind, Flynax team added an option that allows to recall report. So if a user decides that he made a report by mistake, then he may recall report.

Get Report Broken Listing plugin from the Customer Area.