flynax-bookmark-and-share-pluginFlynax has finished with the development of the new version of the Bookmark and Share plugin.

The new version of the Flynax Bookmark and Share plugin includes more than 50 sharing services with 12 styles of the displaying interfaces and new features. In other words the new version of the Flynax plugin now meets the nowadays requirements for socialization of online websites.

Now Bookmark and Share plugin can create special blocks with Google+, Twitter and Facebook counters. These kind of blocks with famous social services will help you to socialize your classifieds website and spread the word about it on the net thus you may get more visitors and users.

Taking into account the popularity of the use of Facebook by millions of people all over the world, from this moment you can add Facebook Fun Box to your classifieds website with the help of the renewed Bookmark and Share plugin. So your site users will be able to easily add “Likes” and connect to your Facebook page or join your Facebook group.

There is one more interesting improvement may call your attention the option to set the share services in the flexible Vertical floating bar. This floating vertical bar can be set on the right or left side from the content and may include Faceboo or Twitter counters and buttons of share services.

Learn more about the Bookmark and Share plugin and check the screen shots here.
You download this free Flynax plugin from the Customer area.