icon-smscoinFlynax is glad to announce about the release of the new plugin that can help classifieds website owners to set up SMS Billing at their websites – SMSCoin Payment Gateway.

This is the first time Flynax releases the new option for its classifieds scripts that allows having SMS Billing and easily making profit from it. Now you may have a number of services paid by SMS thus make more profit from your classifieds website.

SMSCoint Payment Gateway features the following:
–    SMS payments for listings and other services
–    92 supported countries
–    Hundreds SMS providers worldwide
–    High commissions

This Flynax plugin compatible for all Flynax classifieds scripts and distributed as always free of charge.

The plugin requires an account in the SMSCoin system for activation and configuration of paid services. Get the instructions here.

Download this plugin from the Customer area.

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