roundup-2011New 2012 year has come and now we are all open to new opportunities this year. All we can do is to think now on what we can start with and what should be done this year.

As for now I would like to post about something interesting what happened last year and hope that 2012 year will bring us more trends in online classifieds market.

What’s interesting happened last year despite the fact that it was a busy year for all of but provided us with its advantages to work in the online classifieds market taking into account last month with Christmas and New Year preparations and shopping marathons?

google-zeitgeist-2011Rise of classifieds websites popularity

According to Canada NewsWire the number of searches performed by Canadians in 2011 at the second largest online classifieds website Kijiji was approximately 185 listings or 1300 classifieds searches per minute. Half of Canadians were looking to buy or sell almost everything from iPhones, furniture, and clothes to cars and special vehicles like snowblowers. All of this can give the idea what Canadians wear, do, drive and use.

On the other hand Google year-end zeitgeist for 2011 revealed that in Ireland the famous Irish online classifieds website was the top search term last year. This Irish classifieds website for buying and selling cars was recently acquired Schibsted Media Group.

In South Africa the 3rd largest general classifieds website Kalahari Ads joined OLX the famous and leading classifieds service and worldwide leader with over 125 million unique visitors per month.

real-estate-for-rentReal Estate listings frauds
Newsday warned about emerging real estate rent fraud listings by scammers who create listings with apartments at really low and cheap prices.

Usually these apartments are foreclosed or for sale. At the moment online classifieds website try to stop this realty scam and assure that this can be stopped and prevented at their websites with users’ help who may flag unusual classifieds listing.

car-salesMore car sales in 2011
Associated Press reported that Americans bought more cars last year motivated by easiest way to get loans and improved economy and the desire to change old and big cars to new high-quality small cars with nice, roomy interiors.

For example Nissan sold 944,000 sedans and more than 98,000 SUVs last year. Experts think that this rise of sales will continue in 2012. Thus it makes sense to think about starting your auto classifieds website and earn money online in 2012.

unwanted-presents-2011Unwanted presents can be sold online
In Australia the estimation of unwanted gifts was counted to the amount of $500 million in comparison with the UK total £2.4 billion. According to research by eBay and Gumtree classifieds website approximately 56% of people who got Christmas and New Year’s presents were not satisfied with unwanted gifts and going to sell them online which is the easiest way to sell things.
By the way the Daily Mail reported that people already selling their unwanted gifts at eBay and other online classifieds websites.

It was just some year’s highlights to recollect you something you may missed. As for now let’s watch Zeitgeist 2011 by Google and see what interesting happened last year: