Flynax announces the major release of the long awaited Flynax 4.0 Classifieds Software version. This time, Flynax has rolled out something more than just a new update or a minor change to the software, but global changes in the classifieds software, its structure and logic to extend and reach a new and innovative way of web developing. This will perk the ears of anyone who have already classifieds website and those who are still thinking to start profitable online classifieds business.

What will you see in the new Flynax 4.0 version?! The new Flynax 4.0 classifieds software brings a new enhanced core and cache system with perfect and user-friendly interface of the user and admin backend, beautiful templates, a lot of new features, plugins along with updated version of Google Maps, free mobile and iPhone&iPod version, SEO with real HTML URLs which can simplify indexing of a classifieds website, and many, many other important and useful improvements which will engage and entertain both site users and webmasters.


The core changes to the source code made it possible to strengthen and improve the caching process thus minimize the time for server load. It is one of the most important point for the use of a classifieds website by users when they do need to wait site loading for a long time and it is useful for site indexing taking into account that search engines apply checks to website’s performance.

Flynax 4.0 presents the new way of adding and displaying classifieds listings and their details, personal pages for dealers, search with new search by keywords and refine option, redeveloped account and message systems.
The new types of listings in the Flynax 4.0 version allows now to use a special manager that can help webmasters create and modify a classifieds website without hard-coding. In other words classifieds websites powered by Flynax 4.0 can be easily customized and adjusted to any niche such as Job board or any other specific classifieds website like antique or escorts classifieds.

Furthermore Flynax 4.0 version is available for all Flynax classifieds scripts: General, Realty, Pets, Auto and Boats.

Check the live demo of the new Flynax classifieds software version and enjoy the new features.


By the way has been renewed with a new magnificent and user-friendly web design. During the development of the new Flynax 4.0 version Flynax team decided to redesign and adjust the interface of the official website to customer needs basing on numerous feedback and usability researches. Thus making it clear and revealing the most important features and things you need to catch and find what you were looking for your online classifieds business.

One more thing to underline the cost effectiveness of the Flynax classifieds software affordability is that the purchase of classifieds scripts and other Flynax services at the new became not only more convenient but also less expensive due to the fact that the standard license price for Flynax classifieds is only $175. For only $175 you may create your own profitable online classifieds business with Flynax classifieds software in minutes including free Flynax plugins, free mobile and iPhone&iPod versions.
Hurry up and make your first steps towards your own profit making online classifieds business with new Flynax 4.0.

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