flynax-google-yahoo-sitemap-pluginFlynax releases a new plugin that can help you to generate XML Sitemaps for Google and Yahoo search engines – Google & Yahoo Sitemap.

This Flynax Google and Yahoo Sitemap plugin automatically generates XML Sitemaps basing on each request that make search engines to your website. In other words you will not need to think about the update and renewal of your sitemap because it will be managed automatically by your Flynax plugin. This will save your time and let search engines know about content of your website even in details.

Flynax Google & Yahoo Sitemap plugin features the following:

– Generates Google and Yahoo XML Sitemaps
– Automatic generation of XML Sitemaps
– Partition of XML Sitemap into several sitemaps

This new Flynax plugin has one important and useful option that automatically creates several sitemaps when the number of links exceeds particular limit.

Having this Google & Yahoo Sitemap is absolutely necessary for search engine optimization of classifieds websites.

Download the new Flynax plugin from the Customer Area.