payza-plugin-for-flynax-softwareFlynax has renewed its plugin AlertPay for classifieds scripts due to the change of the brand name from AlertPay to Payza along with a few adjustments to the plugin for better performance.

The payment gateway AlertPay has changed the brand name to Payza as well as the change of the API and particular settings. The change of the settings of the former AlertPay payment gateway has influenced on Flynax plugin thus Flynax company decided to renew the plugin and make adjustments according to the change.

The new Payza payment gateway already improved its system and fixed some bugs which were in former Alertpay. Those blemishes in AlertPay system issued some problems with Flynax plugin during the payment process. The issues were resolved and applied to the new Flynax plugin and now it works fine. Learn more about Payza Flynax plugin here.

The settings on how to set up Payza payment gateway you can find here.

You may download Payza Flynax plugin from the Customer Area.