flynax-boats-seaman-templateFlynax as always prepared something interesting for its customers that will meet their needs in developing and promotion of their classifieds websites.

A new template for Boats Classifieds Software has been developed by Flynax. The template is named “Seaman“. Looking at the name of the new Flynax template it is clear that it belongs to Boat classifieds software and reflects the main idea of boat classifieds websites.

Seaman template comes with bright and magnificent design that surely will attract more potential site users to your classifieds website.

The new Boat classifieds template has soft clear palette with blue and light brown colors. The composition of elements and blocks is convenient for use. All elements of the design are placed according to usability and user-friendliness.

Using Seaman template will make your boats classifieds website more popular and let your site users stay longer at your website.

flynax-coupon-code-pluginAlso Flynax presents a new plugin that will definitely interest site administrators due to its marketing effectiveness that is needed for site promotion. The new plugin is named “Coupon Code” plugin and lets you easily create discount coupon code for your classifieds website.

This new Flynax plugin can help you to create coupon codes with a particular discount that can be based on a percentage or linked to an amount from the price of a plan. This can be done through a specially designed administrative interface with flexible and clear settings. So you may create coupon codes, set time frames and assign them to user groups or a particular user trough that special manager.

As an attractive marketing tool this plugin allows you to create coupon codes with 100% free discount that will interest your potential site users and thus will give you a chance to get more users.

Also you may use coupon codes created with the help of the Coupon Codes plugin in your mass mailing or place them at your partners’ website. This will increase your chance to get more site users.

We always think about our customers and look for new and up-to-date features to satisfy your needs.

You may download new Seaman template and Coupon Code plugin from the Customer Area.