flynax-paypal-subscription-pluginA new plugin has been released by the Flynax classifieds software company – PayPal Subscription. This plugin helps website owners get recurring payments for services of their classifieds websites.

New Flynax plugin features:
PayPal recurring payments
Quick and convenient payments through PayPal
Can be used as PayPal Express payment
Unsubscribe option on “My listings” page

Nowadays getting online payments for site service is not a new thing, but at the same time it is the main factor for successful online business. Flynax PayPal Subscription plugin offers the fast and convenient way to get recurring payments through PayPal system along with the option to use it as the PayPal Express payment.

From the user’s point of view this way is no-brain solution when they need to have their listings to be active for a particular period of time just making subscription through this plugin that will charge them on recurring basis according to the set time frame. The time frame is linked to a plan of services so they will not need to worry about when they need to pay again and their listings will be active as long as they paid. Users may simply unsubscribe from recurring payments using the option on “My listings” page or just right from their PayPal account.

Undoubtedly this plugin is the needed one for making stable and successful business online both for site owners and users.

Download Flynax PayPal Subscription plugin from the Customer area.