flynax-upgrade-32-to-40Recently we released the new version Flynax 4.0 classifieds software. This new version comes with renewed source code, admin and users interface and numerous new and needed features for classifieds websites.

We see that this new Flynax version is attractive and everyone want to switch from previous version. If you don’t have any modifications at your classifieds website powered by Flynax 3.2 then you simply import your database to the new Flynax 4.0 version. Read the instructions on how you can import database of your classifieds website to v.4.0 here.

However the new version has different and improved source code thus makes it a bit complicated to switch completely from 3.2 to 4.0 version without slight changes, but only if you modified your source code in the 3.2 version. In other words if your classifieds websites powered by Flynax 3.2 version has modifications than it will be needed to code them again in the new Flynax 4.0 version. In this case Flynax team is glad to help its customers and offer about 50% off discount for a modification that will be coded again for Flynax 4.0 version, the price can be less.

But wait a moment, there is one more interesting offer by Flynax team. Your modifications can be done free of charge for your Flynax 4.0 version. Your customization may become a part of the Flynax 4.0. To get the feature you want to be reproduced for Flynax 4.0 version please submit your list with necessary modifications for reviewing by Flynax team.

As for the Flynax plugins they will be updated and adjusted to the 4.0 version step-by-step.

Didn’t know about the release of the Flynax 4.0 Classifieds Software? Please have a look at the official release of the Flynax 4.0 and read the blog post about the new Flynax 4.0 version.

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