flynax-upgrade-401-to-410Following an eight months development stage, Flynax is glad to announce the major update of the Flynax Classifieds Software – version 4.1.0.

From the launch of the new version of the Flynax classifieds software in January this year, Flynax team concentrated on the consumer’s desire for convenient use and script performance. Throughout the eight months of the software development, Flynax implemented improvement in script performance along with taking security measures to maintain its stability towards nowadays calls and new functionality.

Flynax classifieds script enable license owners to start own profitable online classifieds business and provide with all tools to gain profit. There are 5 scripts available for any classifieds niche such as General Classifieds, Auto Classifieds, Real estate Classifieds, Pet and Boat classifieds.

Apart the internal script development aimed on script performance and security, Flynax team directed the development towards new smart features and optimization of major requests on listings selection to the data base. All of this consequently improved the classifieds software and expanded its functionality.

New features of the Flynax Classifieds Software version 4.1.0


Backend new features:

– Time zone setting
– Login attempts control
– Cross listing to other listing types
– Test mode for default payment gateways
– Photo gallery slideshow
– Phone field type
– Browse plugins tools
– Uploading pictures in auto mode

Backend improved features:

– Account activation option (removed from general account settings and added to account types)
– Listing resize system
– Plugins change log interface
– Trash box
– Listing types
– Grant a plan

Frontend new features:

– Login attempts control
– Fetch listings queries accelerated
– Search tools accelerated
– Categories scrolling on mouse wheel action
– Pictures slideshow
– Phone file for accounts

Frontend improved features:

– Mobile version in sub-directory
– Cross browsing
– Login system
– Checkbox fields tiles displaying
– Listing pictures gallery
– User account on subdomain
– Add listing pictures tools
– Keyword search tools

Finally the new update of the Flynax classifieds software introduces more interactive functionality that will absolutely satisfy customer’s demand in software management and let them use the script with no difficulty.

All Flynax Classifieds Scripts have been updated and now you may check the Live Demo.

The update patch is available for download in the Customer Area. Read the instructions on how to do the update of the Flynax Classifieds Software.

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