flynax-invoices-pluginFlynax would like to inform about the new developed plugin for all Flynax classifieds scripts – Invoice Plugin. This Flynax plugin can help you to easily issue custom and personal invoices for any specific services of your classifieds website.

With Flynax Invoice Plugin you may with no difficulty make out invoices for services that your offer to a limited group of your classifieds websites’ users. This will solve the problem when you need to charge your customers for specific services and help them to make payments with no headache.

The new plugin features the following:
– Personal invoices
– Clearing invoices by all site means
– Invoice alert by e-mail

So how it works? After issuing an invoice the Invoice Plugin system automatically informs a user about the bill by email and via site account system. Pending for clearing invoice will appear in the “My Invoices” section of the site account interface, so users will not miss it.
In the administration interface the notification that the invoice is cleared will appear after the user will pay a bill and the status of the transaction will be changed into “Paid” and added a note into user”s “Transaction History”.

Invoices can be met by all available site payment providers. And when you install every new payment provider it will be available for clearing invoices automatically thus will make the use of the Flynax Invoice Plugin more convenient.

Undoubtedly Flynax Invoice Plugin is a necessary feature for your classifieds website that will absolutely provide you and your users to use all site services, make and receive payments at any time.

You can download Flynax Invoice Plugin from the Customer Area.