flynax-recaptcha-pluginFlynax is glad to release a new plugin that can help you to stop spam and protect your classifieds website from bot registrations – reCaptcha.

This famous plugin now is available for all Flynax classifieds scripts version 4.

What reCaptcha plugin features:
protection from bot registrations and spam
4 color themes
no settings required

How does it work? This new Flynax plugin replaces the captcha that is by default in your system and adds the Google reCaptcha. After that reCaptcha will protect your classifieds website from any kind of auto bot registrations and spam.

What is? reCaptcha is a protective code that on a picture. This protective code should be identified by users and used during their registration at your classifieds website. Also it may appear as the protection in other site requests of your classifieds website thus will increase the chance to avoid spam. reCaptcha displays two words on a picture with color inverting or a photo with words and digits. These protective options make the identification of the secret code impossible for bots.

reCaptcha can be suited for any classifieds website and can be adjusted to any design with its 4 color themes.

Recommendation. If you do not have any problems with spam or bot registrations at your classifieds website we would not recommend the use of reCaptch, because sometimes users can hardly identify the protection code and type it in the right way.

Download reCaptcha Flynax plugin from the Customer Area.

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