Flynax is glad to announce a release of the new and quite useful plugin for classifieds websites – JS/CSS Compressor. The decision of the development of this plugin was made basing on Google recommendations for enabling compressions on web servers to make classifieds websites load faster.

JS/CSS Compressor features:

  • Combines all JS/CSS files into one JS/CSS file
  • Compresses the content in JS/CSS files

Flynax JS/CSS Compressor plugin optimizes static content of classifieds websites and combines all JS, CSS files into one JS or CSS file and simultaneously compress the content in those files.
JS/CSS Compressor is the must-have plugin for making your classifieds website works faster and meet the nowadays Google recommendations as it may influence not only on visitors’ site usage but on your SERPs and SEO of your classifieds website in whole.

The plugin gathers all locally connected JS and CSS files into single corresponding file and compress the content of these CSS and JS files. After this optimization your classifieds website will make a couple of requests to static files instead of enormous requests to different and standalone style sheets of a template and scripts of other plugins.

Making this optimization for your classifieds website you will relieve your Apache server and your website’s page load will be significantly faster than before.
The plugin works absolutely independently and may generate CSS or JS files by itself in case of changing of source CSS or JS files.

This website optimization is one more basic step for your classifieds website’s SEO and site visitors’ satisfaction. We recommend that you install the plugin once you’re done with development and ready to launch your site online.