Flynax announces a release of a new plugin – Listing QR Code Generator. We decided to develop QR code generator for listings basing on customers’ wishes which were expressed on our forum.

Listing QR Code Generator features:

  • Creation of QR Code for listings
  • Instant saving of listings data on cell phones

QR code is an abbreviation of Quick Response Code. It is a type of matrix barcode and a machine-readable label that keeps and encodes identity information. QR codes are very popular due to the quick readability and storage capacity. Such QR codes are arranged in square images with white background and black elements. The information can be extracted from QR codes by a scan app on mobile device through its camera.

The plugin generates QR codes for every listing of a classifieds website powered by Flynax classifieds software. The generated QR code keeps information on a listing like: headline, URL, listing’s owner Email and contact phone number. This contained information of the listing in QR code further may be used by a user to view the listing on a classifieds website and get in touch with the listing owner.

How it works

Users click on an icon/link such as “View QR Code” and get a pop up window with a QR code that contains information on a listing. After receiving of the QR code user simply scan it with the camera of a mobile phone and the information will be automatically saved as a card in his phone.

This feature is perfect for users who often use QR code readers thus it saves their time and gives them one more opportunity to return to your classifieds website.