Flynax releases a new version of the Listing Navigation plugin. The new version of the Listing Navigation plugin was redeveloped from scratch for the 4th version of the Flynax classifieds software.

This new version features:

  • Adds navigation bar on pages with listings’ details
  • Arranges quick switch between listings’ categories and search results
  • Navigation buttons back and forward
  • Not overload system with requests
  • Does not need any settings

Listings Navigation plugin is the simple and fairly useful tool for site users. The plugin creates a navigation bar on the page with listing details which contain back links to search results if a user came from search results page and two links in the way of arrows which allow user to switch to previous or next listing. This switch is available in the grid of listing results, categories, pages with recently added listings and dealers’ listings.

Plugin does not require any settings nor overload the system with any additional data base requests.