Flynax is glad to inform the release of the new plugin – Cookies Policy. This new plugin sets rules of using browser cookies of your classifieds users.

Cookies Policy plugin features:

  • Prevention of website use without users’ acceptance of policy cookies
  • Flexible settings by countries
  • User-friendly interface

Flynax Cookies Policy plugin does not allow use of your classifieds website by users if they do not accept the Cookies policy. If users accept the Cookies policy the plugin saves their choice and allows use of the website. And vice versa if users refuse this policy then they will be redirected to a website which is preliminary set by an administrator.

This plugin is necessary mainly for countries where is a law which forces use of users’ cookies i.e. European countries. That’s why the plugin is oriented for European countries by default. The list with countries can be amended from the administration interface. Also along with the plugin you get the PSD source file that allows you to change the color of the plugin’s graphic.

Simple but needed plugin both for users and classifieds website owners.