Even though we started designing the Flatty template a few months ago, today we announce an official release of the classifieds software responsive template. Designing the template took so long because Flatty is not an ordinary template like all previous Flynax templates. Flatty is Flynax first classifieds software responsive template, which apart from cross-browser compatibility, works equally fine on computers, tablets and smartphones.

In addition, we had to adjust the classifieds responsive template, which was originally made for the auto script, to the other five templates. The release is crowned with the last template that we adjusted to the escort script. By the way the escort script is the only script that got two versions of Flatty: dark and light; the other scripts got one each.

We called the template Flatty because this line of templates uses flat user interface design, which doesn’t use any three-dimensional effects such as shadows, gradients etc. Actually the classifieds responsive template is flat by default, and responsiveness of the template is achieved with CSS3 and HTML5. That’s why responsive templates are almost void of images because handling multiple graphical elements on tablets and smartphones is an impossible mission.

To see how Flatty works you can open our demo in your browser, select the responsive template, which comes as ‘Flatty’ for all scripts, click on the ‘Restore down’ button in your browser and play with the width of the browser window to see how Flatty responds to changing width both in portrait and landscape views. With the classifieds software responsive template you get almost all features on smartphones as you have on the computer version meaning you no longer need the mobile version because you get three in one when you install Flatty.

The responsive template may look too simple without any three-dimensional effects and graphics at the same time it gives you more freedom in changing the color scheme of your template. All you have to do is to open a CSS file in the editor and apply the colors you want. The only graphical element that you’ll have to edit in a photo editor is the logo, which is psd. Although we did our best in selecting color schemes for the templates, in our opinion.

Basically Flatty is a responsive design framework developed by Flynax for Flynax scripts, which can be used as a basis for integration third party responsive templates.

Nothing is set in stone, so after collecting all feedback and reports we plan to get to a second version of Flatty template; we also plan to add a few new modules to the real estate script and other scripts, which we were unable to add in view of lack of time.