Your users will definitely like our new plugin – Recently Viewed Listings. Even though the name of the plugin sounds self-explanatory we’d like to say a few words about the new add-on and highlight advantages that you and your users will get after installing it.

Actually the plugin is very simple and doesn’t have complex functionality that you will have to configure from the admin panel. Despite its simplicity it’s a very useful and much wanted add-on, in our opinion.

Recently Viewed Listings is a user-oriented plugin, which allows your users to keep track of listings that they viewed recently. That is, after viewing a particular listing for the first time the plugin will generate a box at the bottom of the page and put the item viewed to the box allowing users to keep in view listings they already opened.

The plugin provides visual convenience for your users; so, at the end of a browsing session the user will be able to open a page with the recently viewed listings and narrow down his search to items he already viewed.

To avoid congestion of the content area with excessive number of listings the plugin offers “View browsing history” option that opens a page with all recently viewed listings and the most important listing details allowing users to remove from the list both individual listings and clear all history.

The add-on allows your users to synchronize listings viewed from different browsers and computers under one account. On top of that the plugin is able to add listings to the history that they viewed being unlogged.