Hello everybody! We’ve finally finished FlyDroid 2.0 – Android Application for classifieds sites powered by Flynax, and today we want to announce a release of the long awaited Application.

FlyDroid version 2.0
We understand how important is a full featured Android Application for a classifieds site nowadays when the number of Android users increases every day, and the need for Applications becomes more and more prominent; especially if you run or plan to start a real estate agency or a car dealer site where mobility and ability to post ads on the go or right in the field really matter.

If the first version of the Application could be used only for browsing contents of sites Android Application 2.0 offers more features and functions, which makes it a truly full featured Application; practically it duplicates your site on Android devices and offers the basic functionality of our Software in the Android environment.

This is a breakthrough version because we had to put a lot of time and effort into its development. After releasing this version we’ll roll out new versions more often because now we have a stable platform, which we can modify and improve.

New Features

OK, let’s see what new features and modules the Application offers:

User Registration
We’ve added the ability for users to create accounts. When signing up they’ll be asked to select an account type, for example a Buyer or a Seller.

User Authorization
After creating an account a user will be able to log into your site using his username and password.

Facebook Connect
As an alternative to standard registration the Application allows your users to sign up with their Facebook accounts. The feature works in a similar way to the one that is already in place in our classifieds software. Users will be able to update their profiles after logging into the Application.

Profile Area
Profile contains the most important information about user account including information about the number of active, inactive and expired ads and number of ads available for posting.

Posting Ads
This is the most important feature that was added to FlyDroid ver.2.0. The feature allows users to post ads through the App in a single step – that is, a user can select a category, add a description and upload pictures and videos taken with his mobile device on one page without going through steps 2, 3 etc.

Manager of Ads
FlyDroid ver.2.0 offers a quite flexible Ad Manager for users. The manager is represented in the form of menu dots, and can be found in every ad allowing users to edit, remove their ads, upgrade to featured, renew plans and views stats for a particular ad.

Pre-integrated Payment Gateways and Plans
The Application comes with two pre-integrated gateways: PayPal and Google. Integration of a custom payment gateway is possible although is a challenging task; in addition not all gateways offer API’s for integration into Android devices.

Using the gateways mentioned above you can charge your users for posting ads to your site. If you have paid plans on your site you’ll have to replicate them in the In-App Billing to start charging your users.

Right now we’re working on the next update and you’ll see it soon. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to send them to us.