Hello Everybody! Meet another update of our Android Application – FlyDroid 2.1.0! In the update we fixed all reported bugs and added some new things that you might find useful and wanted:

  • Google AdMob (Mobile Adsense)
  • Improved Comment Module
  • PayPal MPL Module

AdMob banner on ad detailsPayPal MPL payment screenComments section on ad details tab

Google AdMob (Mobile Adsense)

We know that some of our FlyDroid users needed this feature badly and we believe this release will make them happy. The module allows you to post mobile Google ads on different pages of your Application contributing to monetization of your classifieds site. You can manage Google ads through the Android Connect plugin from the admin panel of your site. To learn more about how to set up Google AdMob you can read our guide – Getting Google AdMob.

Comment module updated

We also made some changes to comments; in particular, we moved comments from the hidden section of the main tab to the ad details to make them more accessible to users. Now you can find comments in a separate area in the bottom of the ad details page.

PayPal MPL Module

The previous update of the Application had the integrated PayPal REST gateway, which is a powerful and convenient instrument for collecting payments in mobile applications provided by PayPal, but it had a big drawback: the system supports only the US and UK (we very much hope that support will expand beyond the countries). For this reason we had to integrate the previous PayPal library – PayPal MPL, which is not so advanced and has an old interface, but nevertheless is a fully operational system, which supports all countries. To activate it you’ll have to configure it; to learn more about how to configure the gateway read a corresponding section in our guide.

We’re open to your suggestions and reports; so feel free to send them to us. While releasing the update we keep working on another update, which we plan to release soon.