Out of all listings, car classifieds require the most time from users to be added. The car owner has to go through a lengthy procedure of filling in the vehicle specifications manually. The process may be further complicated if the user has more than one car on sale. The new Car Specs Plugin is here to save the day, and streamline the process of adding car classifieds.

With the Car Specs Plugin, users only need to enter a VIN or a Car Plate, after which the form with the appropriate specifications is filled in automatically in a matter of seconds. The Plugin has a straight-forward interface allowing dealers to add listings easily as never before.

CarSpecs classifieds ads plugin

IMPORTANT: The Car Specs Plugin requires a subscription to a third party car specs database, which is often offered regionally. You’ll probably have to subscribe for a paid service in your area. Currently the Plugin handles only one standard of data by default – MotorSpecs, which makes our plugin targeted to UK only. We continue to add other standards and soon we’ll update the Plugin with car specs services for other regions.

How it works
The plugin derives a detailed car specs report from a specialized car specification database. The administrator needs to register in a specs service, which might require a fee, and then set it up in the admin panel. Once he does that, a straight-forward user-interface is created on a user side. The information from the service may be different from the one on the website. With this in mind, advanced mapping system is integrated in the plugin.

Benefits for users
Detailed specifications report helps buyers easier navigate across multiple car listings.
The Vehicle Specs Plugin allows users of your site to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Benefits for car dealers
Car dealers will find the plugin especially useful as it will free them from the tedious task of adding multiple listings daily. The plugin bypasses monotonous filling in of technical specs by automatic completion of the form with the most accurate data. Furthermore, the vehicle specifications obtained from specialized services will be complete and comprehensive, which is not always the case with manual data completion.

Benefits for the administrator
With car specs plugin, the site becomes easy-to-use and more appealing to both users and dealers. The plugin simplifies the process of adding car listings and thus leads to overall increase of listings added to the website.

To sum up, Car Specs Plugin is a powerful tool for managing auto listings; it will take your site functionality to a whole new level.

The Plugin is offered as a free add-on; so, you can find and install it from admin panel of your site.