Expand a reach for your business with a new powerful Affiliate Program plugin for classifieds sites, install it on your website and get the following:

  • Cost-effective advertising campaign where you pay only for tangible results;
  • Increase traffic to your site through partner links at no initial costs;
  • Set your own commissions for actions which you consider worthy of a reward.

Affiliate Program Plugin

Your website may be perfectly designed, packed with impeccable content and comply with the highest usability standards, and with all that, if you don’t invest in marketing and advertising, your website will remain one of thousands similar others on the Internet. Some webmasters rely solely on SEO promotion and organic search, although if your classifieds site is at its initial stage, you need to search for other ways to generate extra traffic and attract more users to your website.

Affiliate marketing is one of such options and it often yields better results than regular ads. To help expand the reach for your business and increase your profit, we are rolling out the Affiliate Program Plugin. In this short post, we would like to list the advantages of the new Plugin and tell you how your site may benefit from it.

The Affiliate Plugin has considerable advantages over other types of advertising. Firstly, any advertising campaign is a strain on your budget, and even if you arrange for your website to be featured in various blogs or other relevant resources, you will need to pay a monthly fee for ad space regardless of whether it will bring you extra traffic or not. Pay per click ads may bring traffic your way, although you’ll need to pay for every site visit, even if it does not bring registered users and membership plans purchased. The Affiliate Plugin spearheads a powerful advertising campaign for your website bypassing initial expenses. With the Affiliate Program you will pay only for closed transactions which, in your opinion, deserve a commission, such as user registration and posting ads under ads packages or membership plans.

How it works
Visitors who land on your website by following an affiliate link are called referrals, and each of them is assigned a unique ID tracking him down to his affiliate. The referral’s actions on the website such as registration, posting an ad under listing packages or membership plans earn an affiliate a commission, which is paid to him within a period set by the Administrator. Most importantly, it will be you deciding which referrals’ actions are worthy of a reward for an affiliate. You may opt for a flat rate payment or choose to set a percentage of a package or plan price, which will be paid to an affiliate partner.

Setting up and tuning up
The Plugin is installed easily and in a matter of a few minutes providing all the necessary tools both for the affiliate partner and the Administrator. Once installed, you will need to conduct the initial tune-up and adjustments. You may start by setting commission rates, which you are willing to pay to your affiliates for referrals’ actions such as:

  • New user registration;
  • Listing added under a listing package;
  • Listing added under a membership plan.

You may also add a range of banners which affiliates may choose from and add to their websites. After initial configuration, the affiliate program is all set and open for users to register and become your affiliates, and once they do, they are expected to add their personal links or banner codes to their websites, blogs or articles.

Key features overview
The Plugin offers a range of useful features through which the Administrator gains absolute control over the affiliate program. They key ones are:

  • General and detailed statistics highlighting commissions earned by affiliates;
  • Detailed traffic log showing referrals’ activities;
  • Comprehensive payment history on any given affiliate account;
  • Filtering option narrowing down search results to specific criteria.

The affiliate partners are also presented with an array of useful features, which are available to them once they sign in to their accounts.

  • Stats relating to site visits and sign-ups by referrals;
  • Earned and pending commissions;
  • Stats for the entire or a selected period;
  • Generating PDF invoices;
  • List of available banners to choose from;
  • Traffic log page outlining referrals’ activity.

Important note
Currently, the Plugin does not support automatic payouts to affiliates and affiliate earnings need to be paid manually by the Administrator. The manual payout procedure is fairly simple though, and gives the Administrator better control over earning distribution. The Plugin is a premium one and you need to pay a one-time fee to install it on your site. Considering the benefits it offers, it is a wise investment and a good value for your money.

The Affiliate Plugin will streamline your marketing costs by rewarding only completed transactions, which result in a profit for your business. An affiliate program will be particularly useful to webmasters with limited budgets, who cannot afford expensive advertising campaigns. Performance-based advertising is becoming increasingly common on the Internet and your classifieds site should jump on the bandwagon and reap the benefits it offers.

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