Hello Everybody! The post is totally dedicated to our potential customers interested in our classified ads software and looking to get a discount, although existing customers are also welcomed. In this post we’ll tell you how you could get a discount and help Flynax become a better classifieds software developer.

Giving a discount is very easy. You get it, purchase one of our scripts and start building your site. The same routine happens with every our customer. We believe the time has come when we should make this process more mutually productive and become closer to our customers.

We’re ready to give you a discount but in return we want your feedback about the most important things. That is, we created a page with a short questionnaire offering 5 important questions. You have the opportunity to fill it out and tell us whatever you think about our products, our website, send us your suggestions and get a promo code.

After getting your discount request we’ll review it and determine a discount percentage (5-15% off) on a case-by-case basis and send you a promo code that you’ll be able to apply to your order on the checkout step.

Don’t be afraid to give us a critical feedback, this won’t affect a discount percentage; what really might affect it is insufficient, irrelevant and poorly worded information or any other information that is not part of your real experience.

Filling out the questionnaire will take only 5-10 minutes of your time but this will allow you to contribute to Flynax Improvement Strategy, from which you may later benefit too.