In this post we’d like to share with you our plans in relation to desktop templates. As we stated before we no longer support desktop themes in the new version of our software – Flynax 4.4 because users more often use smartphones and tablets for surfing the Internet.

You might have a question: Can I use a desktop template along with the mobile version?

Of course you can, but let’s discuss basic drawbacks of the mobile version in our mobile friendly time.

  • Desktop templates don’t look OK on wide screens because they fill up only middle of the screen;
  • Mobile version doesn’t look OK on tablets because it is mainly intended for smartphones, which are about 320-450 px wide. On tablets the mobile version looks too stretched.

Using a responsive template provides you with ease of customizing and updating your site as compared to desktop templates and mobile version. In addition, Google prefers sites with responsive interfaces to desktop sites downgrading the latter in its search results and encouraging users to use sites with responsive interfaces.

OK, let’s see what we offer you today. We offer 11 templates for Flynax 4.4, out of which 7 are represented by an updated Flatty line and the other 4 are brand new premium templates intended for wide screens and are responsive as well. Currently we work on another two templates for the classifieds ads and escort scripts. We also want to note that the new line of templates doesn’t support the IE browser under version 9; so IE8 users and lower will be redirected to the update page.

Wide responsive classifieds templates

As we said before we plan to transform all popular desktop templates into responsive ones. We’ll be making them available as we finish them; we believe the entire process will take a couple of months. Below you can find the templates we’ll make responsive:

Modern Templates

Clear Sky

Simple Templates

Auto Brand

Auto Main Templates

Quiet Day

Realty Spring

Realty Signs


Purple Neon

Sun Cocktail

As the Web is becoming a mobile friendly place to surf Flynax tries to keep with the latest trends and standards. Stay on the crest of a wave with Flynax!