Hello Everybody! Today we’re rolling out the long awaited update – Flynax 4.4. We know that some of you have been waiting for it to come out to have your sites updated and others to purchase.

This is a really powerful update because we fixed all reported bugs, added a number of new features and functions both to front and back ends, and more importantly we did our best to make the script a really user friendly and intuitive tool. We hope you’ll like it.

A few months ago we gave you a list of major features on our Facebook page that would be included in Flynax 4.4, and we proudly announce to you that we’ve added all of them and even more. Let’s see what’s included in the update:

New things

New real estate logic. We’ve changed the logic in our real estate script: we replaced the States with properties types, which are now categories. In terms of locations you’ll be able to choose what countries to target using our Multifield Plugin. We also added a new awesome template called Mappy, let’s see what it offers:
Real estate mappy template by Flynax

  • A large Google map on the home page;
  • Search for properties on the map;
  • Markers on the map displayed as price tags;
  • Location identification showing all ads around user location;
  • Filtering properties on the map by type, category, price etc;
  • Property details offering a nice gallery and convenient structure.

Improved search for phrases. Search for phrases in admin panel has been improved: now you can manage phrases of plugins in the manager, or manage phrases of a particular plugin right after its installation.

Search for ads on “My Listings” page. Users now have the ability to search for their ads after signing into their accounts; the option is available on “My Listings” page.

Improved messaging module. The messaging system in front end was also improved; we expanded the functionality of the module and now users can receive messages from unregistered users.

Proportional units in Data Entries. The new module allows you to set proportional relationships between units of different measurement systems; so, users looking for ads in kilometers will be able to find ads posted in miles or other units.

Updated Cron Jobs. We updated the cron jobs to make it more stable and added the task grouping function, for example if a user has 5 expiring ads he will get a notification about the five ads in one email instead of a few emails.

Bulk actions in Data Entries. You can remove items in Data Entries now faster by using the bulk action option.

Listing types on subdomains. You have the ability to set listing types on subdomains giving an impression of running a few small projects on one domain, for example: auto.yoursite.com, realty.yoursite.com etc. You can have a number of listing types on subdomains with one admin panel.

Hide listing types in URLs. The function hides listing types in URLs, which allows you to shorten URLs and make your links more SEO friendly.

Meta data builder for sellers. Now you can build a template, which will be used for generating meta description and keywords for seller pages with account fields.

Sign in with email or username. The function allows users to sign in both with their emails and usernames.

Posting ads by listing type. The option allows you to divide the listing process based on listing types so users could jump to categories without having to choose a listing type.

Rates. We added rates to the escort script, which allows a user to set up a rate table in his/her profile showing how much a time period of services provided costs.

Upload pictures from URL. Users now can upload pictures from URLs when posting their ads.

Updated monetization section. We updated and optimized the monetization section; now you can find transactions, payment gateways, listing plans and invoices and other payment-related things in one place.

H1 for categories and pages. Now all categories and pages are formatted with H1 tag.

Show categories with no ads. Even if a category doesn’t have any ads you can still show it in the front end.

Bulk renew option for ads. The option allows you to renew a few listings in admin panel at a time.

Payment subscriptions. Using recurring options provided by payment gateways you can set up subscription plans for users from a special manager.

Boxes with hidden headings. We’ve added an option of hiding headings in boxes in front end for advertising purposes; now there is no need to give redundant names to advertising boxes; you simply can hide it keeping the design of the box.

Optimized listing filter by categories. The new filtering option for ads by categories offers a more convenience filtering options for ads showing categories and subcategories in separate dropdowns.

Sorting field on Recently Added. You have the ability to choose what field to use for sorting on the “Recently Added” page.

New field option manager. We improved the manager for adding field options to fields and now you can do it easier and faster.

Delimiter for numeric fields. To indicate thousandth we added a comma as a delimiter.

Disabled “With Picture Only”. The new function allows you to disable the check box for “with pictures only” in search form.

Emails to users in preferred language. The script sends emails to users in preferred languages.
Flynax admin panel monetization section

Old school templates and Flynax 4.4

The new version doesn’t support the old desktop templates (but don’t worry, we’ll transform some of them into responsive templates soon) because now they don’t meet the latest trends and Google recommendations, and are deemed to be outdated. Most of them will be replaced with responsive templates, which we’re making and within a month you’ll see a few brand new responsive templates. We’ve also deprecated the mobile version because responsive templates are more advanced, for example responsive themes look OK on tablets while the mobile version doesn’t. Thank Heavens, we no longer support IE8!

Bug fixes

Let’s see what bugs were fixed:

  • expansion by default issue in field groups fixed
  • sorting by date bug fixed
  • subadmin permission issue fixed
  • cookie system updated
  • alphabetic sorting bug fixed
  • price position issue on My Packages fixed
  • filter form issue in admin fixed
  • ability to contact own ads removed
  • trash box bug with inactive ads fixed
  • email encoding issues fixed
  • cookie saving problems fixed (domain path)
  • registration required fields bug fixed
  • saved search posted by field problem fixed
  • favorite ads saving issue fixed
  • featured ad posting issue in admin panel fixed
  • listing status email bug in admin panel fixed
  • image upload counter bug fixed
  • saved search bulk action fixed
  • numeric field bug on registration fixed
  • photo order bug on print page fixed

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