Hello everybody! Today we’re releasing Flynax 4.5.1, which predominantly offers a substantive list of bug fixes and a couple of small features that you also might find useful for your site.

Flynax 4.5.1 would have been positioned as another update offering bug fixes and new features but for one thing: this release is going to be a special one because it was specifically timed to coincide with a release of the most wanted product among the recent ones – all-in-one classifieds script. The all-in-one script is an expanded version of our classified ads software, which offers almost all industry-related features of the other scripts. Let’s see what types and features were included in the new product.

5 Listing Types in One Script

flynax all in one concept
The all-in-one script includes 5 basic types of classified ads, which form a core of any classified portal nowadays, and meet the needs of the majority of users and visitors of such portals, they are: Motors, Properties, Jobs, Services and Classified Ads. These are not just listing types with default settings; every section comes with its specific features, and we’ll be adding more and more industry-related features with every update.

Categories, forms and fields

flynax all in one fields, forms and categories
We populated the listing types with the most important and relevant categories, subcategories and for some listing types second level subcategories; this way, a user will definitely find a category of his interest. Every listing type comes with a specific set of fields, listing, search and browse forms.

Search on the Google Maps

flynax all in one search on map
The ability to search for properties on the Google Maps is the most prominent feature of our real estate script and after getting numerous requests for integrating it into other scripts we took a decision to apply it to the all-in-one script too. Unlike the real estate script, the module in the new script searches for ads of all types; a user may open the page, select a listing type and find all listings of a selected type on the Maps. So, users may search for listings on the Maps and filter them with search forms. The layout of the Search-on-Maps module has been modified to a certain degree and now it looks like that on Airbnb.

Home Page

The Home page represents a section with the keyword search by categories or subcategories of a listing type with the possibility of filtering ads by locations. It also offers a box with the main categories of all listing types. Below the box we’ve placed a featured listing box for all listing types. We placed the location filter, stats box and other boxes in the sidebar depending on plugins installed and positions selected.


The Motors type comes first because it is the most wanted type on classified portals according to our stats. The Motors section includes the most popular types of motor classifieds like Cars, Motorbikes & Scooters, Trucks & Special Vehicles, Boats, Parts and Accessories. The Cars type offers a list of makes and models available in our cars script. We’ve also added the ability to get a report by VIN code.

Real Estate

The Properties type comes with the same features as it does in our standalone real estate script, that is: search for properties on the Maps, icons for bathrooms, sleeping rooms, square feet, booking, mortgage calculator, nearby schools and other modules and features.


This type is a new one for our Company and we’ve added the most necessary features to this version, that is: adding vacancies, resumes, search for them and filtering. We plan to add more features to it to make it a fully-fledged Jobs section that would meet requirements of the most demanding employers and applicants. We’ve added necessary categories and fields that allow users to publish their vacancies and resumes. Applicants may search for vacancies, contact potential employers through a contact form and send their resumes. We’ve also added a page with companies offering jobs on the portal allowing users to browse through companies and their vacancies.

Classified Ads

The type offers the same categories, subcategories, fields, forms and other features, which were available in our standalone classified ads script.


In this section we collected all relevant categories, fields, search forms and other standard features. The Services type in this version doesn’t offer any distinguishing features.

What about classified ads software we used to offer before?

After the release of Flynax 4.5.1 the classified ads script we used to offer will be replaced with the all-on-one script. With all that, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a standalone classified site with standard classified categories. By removing the unwanted listing types, you’ll get the very classified site with only one type of classified ads relevant to your site concept.

Price for the all-in-one script

After adding all those listing types we wanted to raise the price for the script but after realizing how many customers have been awaiting the release and all problems arising from the changes on our Order page we decided to leave the price as it is. So, for as low as 195 USD you get the script with 5 listing types. This seems like a fairly reasonable offer considering how much you may spend on merging 5 types into one script.

Update policy

If you run a classified ads site but you like the new product and you want to change to the all-in-one script you may either have your site updated or download the script and install a fresh copy.

New Features

Even though the list of new features doesn’t look impressive here they are:

Remember Me/Stay Signed In

Now your users won’t have to relogin every time the session is over and will stay signed for a long time.

Search Box on Categories

Search box on the Browse page offers custom forms and fields based on a selected category.

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Cron notification improved
  • Number format added to mixed field
  • The link for building general category in listing types improved
  • A hint for managing related data entry added to Listing Fields page
  • A button to refresh membership plan stats added
  • Adding accounts with email login method in back end improved
  • Protection for controller file name strengthened
  • Support for the memcached extension added
  • Photo manager in the back end improved
  • “Google Browser and Server Key” config added to Basic Settings
  • “Number of Columns” option changed to checkboxes
  • Language code now is always lowercase
  • Issues after removing general category resolved
  • Multilevel category feature improved
  • Duplicate error in email attachments fixed
  • Non-removal issue in language phrases fixed
  • Pagination number error with location filter and filters applied fixed
  • Wrong link to details of ads posted by admin fixed
  • Advanced site name in emails problem fixed
  • Wrong link after moving listing to a category fixed
  • Active status error after renew action fixed
  • Currency in Saved Searches made as text with one currency enabled
  • Count error in login attempt control for back end fixed
  • Wrong URL to plugin changelog fixed
  • Video play error in back end fixed
  • Error in dividing cache into fragments fixed
  • Home page better protected against changing type

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Redirect to the same page after logging out removed
  • Sanitizing SQL improved
  • Message section improved
  • Support for decimals in search added to prices
  • Captcha added to Contact Seller form
  • Preferred language redirect improved
  • Fake value of listing fields improved
  • Hook system has been improved
  • Bug in short links of listing types fixed
  • Duplicate issue in search results fixed
  • Username validation problem on registration fixed
  • Bug in category box with subcategories fixed
  • Bug when selecting a membership plan fixed
  • Multiple date problem on Profile page fixed
  • Location validation problem fixed
  • Button border problem fixed
  • Unlimited listing package issue fixed
  • Bug in plan selection when adding an account fixed
  • Double click bug on registration form fixed
  • Wrong redirect in filters with modrewrite disabled fixed
  • Issue in category PNG icons fixed
  • File upload bug in IE11 fixed
  • Default value issue in checkboxes fixed
  • Hiding problem with one membership plan resolved
  • Bug on Edit Listing page in user added subcategories fixed
  • Filters now applied to featured ads
  • Featured listings are displayed according a category selected

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