We keep extending the opportunities for classifieds site owners on the African continent and today we’re rolling out PesaPal Gateway – another payment gateway to give you more ways to collect payments from users located in the African Market.

PesaPal is an African Payment Provider focused on Kenya and in countries, such as Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia. Classifieds site owners in Kenya will mostly benefit from PesaPal because it works seamlessly with Kenya’s main mobile payment services, such as Zain’s Zap with around 300.000 users and Safaricom’s MPesa with 2 million users.

The ability to pay with a mobile phone is essential for Kenyans since many of them do not have bank accounts and rarely use credit cards. PesaPal helps you capture more users and allow them to pay for the services offered on your site right from their mobile phones.

However, you shouldn’t view PesaPal as merely a mobile payment provider. PesaPal is a fully-fledged payment gateway allowing you to accept payments from major credit card companies, and mobile payments are one of the many options that your customers may choose from. Let us go over the advantages that you get by installing PesaPal on your site:

  • Accepts major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard;
  • Secure payment processing;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Online invoicing giving you the ability to request payments;
  • Increased financial security with SMS/email notifications of the payment made;

Opening a business account with PesaPal will give you access to your client area from where you’ll be able to track and manage your transactions, send invoices to users, add payments options and customize your account. It should be noted that all of the payments made by users are held in a trust bank account, which means PesaPal has no direct access to your funds. If you wish for the money to be transferred to your bank account, you can do so from your client area by initiating a withdrawal.

The good thing about PesaPal is that it doesn’t charge a fee for opening an account nor are there monthly fees or user commissions when they make a purchase on your site.

You, as a vendor, will be charged a flat 3,5% commission on every completed transaction. As you can see, the vendor commission is similar to those of other popular payment providers. Since we’re responsible only for flawless integration of the payment gateway into our script, we recommend that you check PesaPal’s pricing page because the commissions imposed on vendors may change by the time you decide to install the Payment gateway.

PesaPal expands a reach for your classifieds business in Africa. It will help you capture a wider audience and cater to members, who prefer mobile transactions to credit cards. The Payment Gateway is now available as a premium Plugin to all Flynax customers.