You may have found the best auto classifieds script and launched your car classifieds site. If your auto desk has active users and listings to choose from, it is time you thought about extending the site’s functionality by adding the right Plugins.

The web is packed with Plugins for classifieds sites, your job is to choose those perfectly fitting the auto classifieds concept. For this post, we have singled out several Plugins which are a must-have for any car classifieds. Among them, you’ll find both free plugins for car classifieds and premium ones. Should you choose to activate them on your site, you’ll be doing your users a huge favor by enhancing their browsing experience and giving them a lot of useful features.

Car Specs Plugin

Aside from adding pictures of a car to a listing, car dealers spend much time filling in car specifications to make a listing complete and informative to a potential buyer. Dealers have to go through a tedious process of filling out the listing details for each car on sale. The Car Specs Plugin derives data from a detailed car specifications report and automatically adds it to the listing details. By activating this Plugin, you’ll be doing a huge favor to dealers who will no longer have to enter car specifications manually. Similarly, buyers will benefit as well as the details from a car specs report are more detailed and accurate unlike specifications added manually, which may contain omissions or will not be complete. Currently the Plugin uses MotoSpecs by default, which covers a UK market. Please note that to use the Plugin on your site, you’ll need a subscription to a third-party car specs database operating in your region. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Search by Distance Plugin

When buying small items, their location is the least of buyers’ concerns since they items are shipped to them. Unlike general classifieds sites, car classifieds usually require buyer’s presence at a car’s location to be able to test-drive it and make a final purchasing decision. The necessity to drive to a dealer’s location pushes buyers to find cars in the vicinity. The Search by Distance Plugin is indispensable for car classifieds sites since it allows users to search for cars by narrowing the results to their area. Furthermore, the Plugin automatically shows users listings based on their location. the Plugin can be used in any country and the map search results will always be accurate since the Plugin is based on Google API. By offering the distance search Plugin to your users, you’ll allow them to search within a specific radius or a zip code. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Filter Plugin

If you have a car classifieds site with a multitude of listings, a regular search may often fail to present the user with a desired listing. A filtering option on the other hand allows your users to quickly filter ads by a range of various parameters without having to come up with proper search criteria. With the Filter Plugin activated, users will be able to filter the search results by, for instance, a year of make, condition ‘used’ or ‘new’, price from up to, transmission type, body style and a handful of other options presented as sliders, ranges and dropdowns. The Filtering Plugin is a must-have specifically for car classifieds, it will help users sift through multiple search results and land on a desired listing. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

XML feed car Import/Export

The ability to import/export XML car feeds is critical for a webmaster who has only launched a car classifieds site. The biggest value of any classifieds site is its content. Webmasters often struggle to populate the site with listings and attract members. The XML feed Plugin for car classifieds site allows you to populate your site with a multitude of listings in a matter of a few seconds. You’ll be able to fill your site with content from several other sources, similarly, dealers who have hundreds of cars on sale will have the opportunity to use the Plugin and import multiple listings from different auto desks. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Similar Cars Plugin

When a user lands on your site, your job as a webmaster is to make him stay for as long as possible, allow him browse the site and enjoy viewing various listings. With the Similar Listings Plugin activated on your site, when a user navigates to a listing, he will also see a box with similar cars which will be featured along with listing details. Having viewed the listing, the visitor is more likely to click on similar listings matching his preferences and spend more time on your site. The similar listings Plugin for classifieds sites has a lot of settings in the back end, you’ll be able to set the relevance criteria, create similarity fields and more. The similar listings Plugin may be used for different types of classifieds, although car classifieds site owners may especially benefit from using it. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Compare cars Plugin

Before making a final purchasing decision, a user often has a few cars meeting his interests. Compare listings Plugin allows users to add the cars to a comparison table and later view them in a separate window. The compared cars will be grouped in columns allowing a user to contrast various cars based on different parameters, such as price, specs and others. Unlike many others –compare listings – Plugins for classifieds, Flynax compare cars Plugin allows users to save the comparison results and add them to saved results. This allows users to create more than one comparison table for different car makes, for instance when a user wants to have a separate comparison table for Mercedes cars and another one for Audi or Toyota. When your users may take the advantage of a ‘compare cars’ Plugin, their car searching process will be much easier and allow them to make an informed purchasing decision. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Live Auction Plugin

A bidding Plugin for classifieds or a Live Auction Plugin as some may call it turns your classifieds site into a fully-fledged online store. The Auction Plugin is a must-have for car classifieds, once activated, the sellers on your site will be able to run an online Auction on their cars. Buyers in their turn will be able to make bids and see the countdown timer showing how much time is left before the auction is over. A live auction creates a sense of urgency, stimulates buyers’ activity and drives more attention to a listing. The Auction Plugin offers a multitude of settings for a seller, they may use ‘buy it now’ option, set a minimum starting bid, define an auction duration period and set a reserve price to make sure that the car is sold at a desirable price. Although a Live Auction Plugin is beneficial for different types of classifieds, auto classifieds seem to benefit mostly from it. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

The Plugins described in this post have been selected with an insight into auto classifieds industry. Obviously, there are many more Plugins which you can choose and install on your site, but the ones which made it to this post have received the most requests from our users. If you choose to install them on your site, you’ll be taking your classifieds business to a whole new level.