Hello Everybody! Today we’re rolling out updates of our Mobile Applications making them more powerful and functional with every update: iFlynax 3.1.0 and FlyDroid 2.3.0.

From this day on we’re going to refer to iFlynax and FlyDroid as just mobile applications: the idea is to make them identical in terms of interface and functionality; so with a lapse of time the only difference between them will be the operating platforms they are designed for. Due to the fact that there are some functional differences between the two Apps we’ll list new features of the mobile apps separately.

Good news for those who have been waiting for push notifications for messages; both iFlynax and FlyDroid got them. We believe you’ll find some of the features quite interesting and useful. Let’s see what key features the new versions offer:

iOS APP Features

Full RTL Support
The App not only supports right-to-left languages but also right-to-left direction of the user interface.

Push Notifications for Messages
Push notifications for messages allow your users to stay updated and reply to messages immediately positioning the inbuilt messaging system as a chat. After getting a message the App will send a push notification to a user’s smartphone.

Google AdMob
iFlynax 3.1.0 comes with Google AdMob, which is a mobile optimized version of the popular Google service – AdSense. Google AdMob is a good way to monetize your mobile app and generate more profit.

List View on Nearby Ads page
Now users can view all ads found on the Maps in a list view presenting a convenient way to browse through listings shown on the Maps.

Browsing through multiple listings on a small screen might contribute to eye strain. Sorting ads by fields used on your site might speed up the process. Users have the ability to sort listings by different fields like price, date etc.

Keyword Search
The App got a keyword search that allows users to do a quick search for ads.

Drive Route to Ads
Connecting a user and listing locations the App can show a drive route to an ad on the Google Maps, Apple Maps and Yandex Maps, whatever is installed on a user’s smartphone.

iOS APP Bug Fixes

  • Synchronization code bug fixed
  • Category issue with one listing type enabled when posting ads fixed
  • Synchronization error in Favorites fixed
  • Message bug when chatting with sellers fixed
  • Table bug when updating list of ads fixed
  • Bug in the Search Around Me fixed
  • Text issue on the About us text fixed

Android APP Features

Now let’s see what key features the new Android Application offers:

Push Notifications for Messages
The App will show a push notification on a user’s smartphone after getting a message.

Listing Packages
The previous version of FlyDroid offered a light version of listing packages. The new update offers full-featured listings packages like in our web-based classifieds software allowing your users to purchase packages via PayPal and Google Wallet.

Agreement Field
If you have terms of use or any other agreement you can easily make users agree with it using the Agreement field.

Android APP Bug Fixes

  • Login option by email or username added
  • Category bug when editing listing fixed
  • Bug after enabling Admin-only fixed
  • Facebook module error fixed
  • Plugin phrases updated
  • A number of minor bugs fixed

After the release we’ll get to adjusting the membership plans to the apps, and adding features that are available in iFlynax and missing in the Android Application to make them work and look identical. If you plan to play with push notifications on our demo you’ll have to register an account because the default accounts offered by the demo do not accept push notifications.

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