Although we design and develop templates in accordance with latest design and UX trends, some customers will still have their vision for their website look. Our script is flexible and allows for integration of a custom theme; however, there are guidelines you need to follow in order to ensure smooth and flawless integration into our script. We decided to make an overview of those guidelines in this post, so that you have a clear idea of how to get a custom theme for your website.

Integration of a custom template into our classified ads software is a perfect way to make it stand out from the rest. A unique template coupled with functional power of Flynax CMS may bring unbelievable experience to your users and contribute to increased popularity of your site.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer the services of a custom template design, but we’re ready to integrate yours. You may engage a web design studio or a freelance designer to make one for you, or you may buy a ready-to-integrate template on TemplateMonster, ThemeForest or anywhere on the Internet. Before purchasing a theme, we highly recommend that you check with us first to make sure that it can be integrated and the integration price is within your budget.

The guidelines below are intended mainly for users who plan to order a custom template from a design studio and want to get some guidance in order to ensure smooth and fast integration of a custom template by Flynax.

Required pages and format

Whoever makes a design for your site will need to deliver the following pages for integration in PSD format:

  • Home;
  • Listing details;
  • Search Results page (Listings Grid);
  • Other pages that will look different;
  • All icons should be vector graphics (SVG) so we could resize them easily without loss of quality;

Note: Sending an HTML/CSS layout won’t make any difference because we’re not going to use it for integration.

IMPORTANT: When integrating a custom template, we keep the structure of the Flynax layout, which allows us to integrate a custom template faster bypassing numerous problems with classes, IDs, back end, languages, plugins and upgrades. Technically, you’ll get a custom template closely resembling your design but built on the Flynax layout, which features HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap.

Design for PCs, tablets and smartphones

Make sure that your designer delivers a fully responsive design. That is, he is supposed to deliver a PSD file with layouts for PCs, tablets and smartphones. If you provide a design for PCs only then we’ll make the other two the way we see it, which might be different from the way you see it.

Custom functionality

When making a custom design make sure it represents Flynax basic functionality. If you want to have a custom functionality integrated, please make sure you’ve provided all necessary design for it and described its features and functions in detail, so we could provide you with an accurate quote and code them the way you described. No need to worry about the design for plugins because all Flynax plugins use content boxes for interfacing plugin features and options with the front end.

You are supposed to provide Flynax with details and screenshots including HTML colors and graphics that you want to use. Minor customizations are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Sites with modified or integrated templates

Over the years, we have had hundreds of customers turning to us with requests to modify and adjust Flynax Templates to a certain site concept. Below are the websites where our templates have been modified or a custom template was integrated.

Cheap deals classifiedsadomnia classifiedsautobox classifiedsautobox classifieds
subicicleta classifiedsRoyal ClassifiedsMythaipropertyYacon Classifieds

Please note, that these are only a handful of websites that we have specifically selected for this blogpost to give you an idea of a custom or modified template. You may find many other examples by browsing our testimonials page.

Custom Template FAQ

Having helped hundreds of customers with template integration, we have found that most of the people have similar questions regarding a custom template. Below, we have put together the most frequent questions and requests and our answers to them. Perhaps, you will find an answer to some of your questions here, if not, feel free to contact us any time

I like, can you make a similar one?

Quite often, we get requests from users wanting to copy a template of another site, which is common practice these days, especially if it is popular with users and has all necessary elements you want. We don’t take such requests seriously for two main reasons:

To start with, we don’t make designs; we only integrate them. We might consider integration of the template if you send us a PSD file meeting the requirements above.

You should also take into account that every site has its own functionality that might not be part of our classifieds software. We don’t have enough time to explore other sites and their features and functions, so you’ll need to write a detailed specification with screenshots as to how this functionality should work.

Can you copy a template of your customer?

Following Flynax Policy for passive protection of customer copyrights, we refuse to clone sites of our existing customers; although we can copy some elements, or make a similar site, but not a clone.

Can you modify one of Flynax templates?

This is a fast and less expensive way to get a custom template. Changing colors, replacing graphical elements in a template and rearranging its structure may get you a totally different template at a lower price.

What is an average time-frame for a template integration?

Normally, integration of a custom template excluding any possible custom functionality takes 2-3 weeks, but may take a bit longer if custom functionality is supposed to be added.

Will you ensure Cross-browser compatibility?

Flynax is ready to ensure cross-browser compatibility in commonly used browsers like IE (9+), Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Will you use my psd template for other projects?

We will not use your template on other projects or share it with any third parties not involved in template integration. This is going to be your custom theme integrated into FLynax template.

Will my theme support all of Flynax functionality/features/Plugins?

When we agree to integrate your theme into our script, we are committed to ensuring that it fully reflects entire Flynax functionality and that it will work just like any other Flynax template.

Are you going to ensure pixel-perfect integration?

In times when screens vary in sizes, you should realize that your template may look different on different screens and we will need to take it into account when integrating a theme and making it responsive. A designer may have created a template for a certain screen size and it may look ugly on smaller or bigger screen sizes. With this in mind, when integrating a template, our primary goal is to make it responsive and ensure that it looks its best on any screen, ranging from a small phone to big desktop retina displays.

How much do you charge for integrating a template?

Each template is different in terms of design complexity and elements/layers it consists of. Therefore, we cannot provide an average integration cost because some templates may require more man-hours while others are fairly simple. To get a quote on integrating your particular template, we will need to review the template, estimate its complexity and the number of hours required for integration. Once we do this, we will provide you with a quote.

Have a question that is not covered in the FAQ section? Contact us and we will reply sooner than you think.

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