Dutch language and mollie gateway previewIn our ongoing commitment to make our software accessible to everybody in Europe, we have translated our script into the languages most spoken in the European Union, such as French, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek.

Dutch language and Mollie gateway

Dutch Language

This post will be particularly interesting for webmasters who are considering starting a classifieds site in Netherlands and Belgium. We have recently translated our script into Dutch, which is a native language for 23 million potential users, mainly from Netherlands and Belgium and a second language for 5 million of people all over Europe. In other words, we have made our script more accessible to around 30 million of potential users.

While we understand that most of the users in Europe are bilingual and are comfortable using the website in German or another European language, you gain more leverage over your competitors if you offer a website that speaks to your users in their native language. Since Dutch is a native language for millions of users in Europe, we see that there is massive potential for classifieds sites appealing to users buying or selling various items in Netherlands or Belgium.

Accept Payments Locally

When we tasked ourselves with tailoring our software to the classifieds business in Netherlands, we realized that translating the software into Dutch was not enough. We also explored the classifieds market in Netherlands and learned about what people prefer to use for making payments online. We’re also glad to announce that along with the Dutch language, we have also integrated Mollie, the most popular payment provider in Netherlands. With this powerful pack, your users will not only enjoy browsing the site in their native language but will also be able to buy services and pay for items on your site using a payment provider that customers are most familiar with.

Mollie Payment Gateway

Mollie is a fully-fledged payment provider that unites the most popular payment platforms in Netherlands, Belgium and other countries in Western Europe. By offering your users to pay through Mollie, you will provide them with a local payment environment and a range of other benefits, such as:

  • Accepts all major credit/debit cards;
  • Works with popular platforms, such as iDeal, Bancontact, Mister Cash and others;
  • Bank transfers and ability to pay via safe banking environment;
  • Ability to accept PayPal payments which are credited directly to Mollie account;
  • Mollie can receive payments in bitcoins and converts them into euros.

We believe that a powerful combination of the Dutch language and Mollie Payment Gateway will move your site a few steps closer towards millions of potential customers from Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Western Europe. We, on our part, will continue enhancing the script with new features and options specifically tailored to our users in Europe.