We understand that your classifieds business is about earning money and giving your users more ways to showcase their listings and generate more leads to them. Aside from multiple ways we’re giving the administrators to monetize their website, we’re rolling out a new plugin called Monetizer offering Bump Up and Highlight options, which you can use to further monetize your site. Let us talk about them in detail and see how your real estate, car or classifieds business can benefit from it.

Bump Up

bump up listing
An ability for users to bump up their ads to the top page is essential if they want to make sure they get more attention from buyers. An 80/20 rule is best illustrated when users start browsing through ads; you would agree that the first two pages get up to 80% of all the attention from buyers, whereas the remaining pages get significantly fewer views. If a user’s ad is somewhere on page 9, it will get fewer hits by buyers, who focus mainly on the first two pages. With the Bump Up & Highlight Plugin, sellers have the ability to pay extra and get their listings back to the top page, where they will get renewed interest from buyers.


Higlighted Listing
While it is true that the first two pages get far more hits, some users prefer to browse through different categories or use a search. The questions sellers often ask is how they can make sure that theirs ads will be noticed when users have tens or hundreds of similar ones to go through. The highlight option brings a seller’s listing into a sharper focus and makes it stand out from the rest. It works simply by highlighting the tittle of the ad in a yellow color, thus making it more noticeable. With the ad highlighted, it is far more likely to catch the user’s eye and get more views.


The Bump up option is beneficial for both the seller, who wants as many buyers as possible to view his ad, and for the Administrator, who may create and sell various bump up/highlight packages along with membership plans and other paid services. Among other various benefits, we may list:

  • More ways to monetize your site;
  • Sellers willingly purchase bump up/highlight packages because it helps to sell their listings;
  • Manager in back end from where you can add different packages;
  • Users may choose to both highlight and bump up a certain ad;
  • Users may use pay-as-you-go credits from their balance to purchase a package.

The Monetizer Plugin comes in handy for a webmaster of any classifieds site because it extends the range of paid services, thus increasing revenue. The Plugin is also quite useful for users because highlighting or bumping up ads to the top page increases the chances of a successful sale. More sales in their turn encourage sellers to buy more bump up/highlight packages and use them for ads, which get little to no attention. We have put a lot of work into the Monetizer Plugin and we hope that you will find it useful for your classifieds business.

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