Knowing that SEO is an essential part of any software, we keep adding features and plugins, which may help in your website SEO promotion. Over the years, the number of features, settings and plugins has grown to the extent that some customers may have difficulty locating all of the settings and plugins responsible for SEO.

Even if you find all the right settings and plugins, you will most probably wonder how to start working on SEO optimization and if there is a particular order, in which you should configure the settings and enable the plugins. We have answered all of the above questions and more in our free SEO guide that is now available to all our customers. Having read the guide, you’ll have a clear agenda helping you effectively set up your SEO campaign and save a lot of valuable time.

Admin Panel

The guide gives an overview of the backend settings associated with SEO and helps you easily find the right ones. With our helpful tips, you will be able to quickly navigate to the right sections of the admin panel, set up metadata and configure a range of other settings and options helping you in your SEO.


As of now, we offer 80 plugins, which can enhance your script functionality. For fresh customers who are only starting to work with our script, the job of sieving through multiple plugins and locating the ones related to SEO may seem like a daunting task. In our SEO guide, we have sorted all the plugins in terms of their relation to SEO; furthermore, we advise on which plugins to use first as well as on others which may indirectly affect SEO rankings.

The SEO guide is available to all Flynax customers and presents helpful instructions and valuable tips aiding in SEO promotion of your website. We hope that you will find it useful for your classifieds business. If you have any further questions relating to the SEO guide and its content, you are welcome to discuss them on our forum where many customers, just like you share their views and opinions and ask questions regarding their classifieds sites.

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