The year 2019 is proving to be rather productive for our team. We keep updating our existing plugins to enhance their functionality at the same time we’re always working on new ones. It is time to present to you the new plugin, which will be an excellent addition to any classifieds site. Meet Average Price plugin that we are releasing today as part of our commitment on enhancing functionality of Flynax script.

User benefit

When users are in the market for a house, a car, boat or any other item that has a high price, they want to be certain that they are getting a good deal. One way to do this is check prices for similar items from other sellers, which may be time-consuming. The average price plugin makes sure that the user is not overpaying by showing him an average market price for a product he intends to purchase. This way, a user may make a better purchasing decision without spending time on market research.

Key features

The plugin analyzes the prices of similar items in relation to the item a user is viewing and presents an average market price of a viewed listing. The price is shown as a graph where the current price is located on an X-asis in relation to the average market price.

Average Price Plugin Front End

Price analysis is done based on relevant fields, which are configured in back end. The plugin interacts with a user by showing him two prices – the current price of an ad and the average-market price for similar items allowing the user to decide whether he is getting a good deal or overpaying. The box also shows a link leading to all the ads which were used in the calculation of the average market price. When users follow the link and view similar ads, they increase click-through rate on your website and view more ads.

Plugin settings

The plugin offers quite a few useful settings in back end. The simplest way to make it work is to choose a category browse form, in which case, ads from the same category will be used for average price analysis. With a similar listings plugin installed, you may use the form created by this plugin and similar ads will be used for average price calculation. For a more delicate fine-tuning, you may choose a plugin custom form and build it from scratch.

The average price plugin is rather flexible and allows you to build custom forms for each category on your website. For instance, for a real-estate website, you can populate the form with fields, such as number of bedrooms, square feet, district, etc whereas for cars marketplace, the fields may include year of make, mileage, transmission type and condition. The average price plugin has many more settings which are explained in more detail on our plugin description page.

Average Price Plugin back end

The plugin would be an excellent addition to any classifieds website; however, we think it will be particularly useful for property agency script and auto dealership software because the bigger the purchase, the more users may save by getting information on accurate market prices calculated by the plugin.