4.7.1 Update is finally here with an impressive list of bug fixes and improvements, which make our script more stable and solid. As you will see from the current update, we focused a lion’s share of work on fixing all detected bugs and customer-reported issues.


Aside from bug fixes, the current update features a list of essential improvements, which we cannot consider as “new features” but they certainly add to the overall performance of the script. For example, the 4.7.1 version offers a much better way of handling auto cropping: it is now divided into auto cropping of listing thumbnails and large pictures allowing to retain the original proportions of thumbnails and displaying them entirely without cropping. The current version automatically detects the time zone during installation. These are just some examples of how the script was improved with the current update, you will find many more in a list below.


Knowing that the multi-field/location filter plugin is vital for a classifieds script, we have completely reworked our multi-field/location filter plugin by improving its SEO and enhancing the interface. We will share more news on how the plugin was made better in our upcoming blogposts.

Below you can find bug fixes and improvements, which have become part of 4.7.1 update:

  • Cropping function updated; cropping enabled for thumbnails or large pics
  • Loading large-size photos or videos when posting ads improved (a readable code error added)
  • FLV video format deprecated and removed from the software; flash player replaced with the HTML5 video tag
  • An issue when creating a listing with mod_rewrite disabled in multi-step mode fixed
  • An error when loading photos on the Add a Listing page with Account Area enabled fixed
  • A bug on the Edit Listing page that prevented updating available listing packages after changing the category fixed
  • Internal caching system updated. Interaction with category forms optimized.
  • A category bug on the Add a Listing page with enabled or disabled membership plans fixed
  • Loading JS libraries/Google Maps scripts for crawlers prevented
  • Refine search box issue after adding a new listing type fixed
  • Ability to manage .00 in prices in listings and listing type settings
  • An SQL error in escort sites when viewing account details from the back end fixed
  • A warning to administrator when removing the English language from back end added
  • Ability to select months and years from the field Date added
  • An empty search box issue with one active listing type on the site fixed
  • File loading issue in Image upload/File upload fields fixed
  • Ability to remove empty directories from the server added if the user removed his multimedia
  • Poor quality of pictures in the gallery on the home pages fixed
  • Main picture issue in Jobs listings with enabled “2x thumbnail upscale” setting fixed
  • Quotes issue in listing titles fixed
  • Bug when creating the Buyer account type from the back end fixed
  • Listing URL issue in emails with mod_rewrite module disabled fixed
  • Manager of messages from users in back end improved
  • Transaction sorting issue in back end fixed
  • Link issue without HTTPS in account with the “Wildcard subdomains” option enabled fixed
  • Missing dUnzip2.class.php file issue on the server fixed
  • Error 404 on all pages if software is installed in a subdirectory fixed
  • RTL support for text in emails added
  • Access issue in plugin controllers in the back end for limited-access administrators resolved
  • Getting alerts for users’ own listings disabled
  • Bug in incomplete listing calculator fixed
  • Bug in redirect in back end when script uses HTTPS and is installed in a subdirectory fixed
  • System notifications about existing items in back end with Trash Box enabled improved
  • PHPMailer module updated
  • Authorization error with mod_rewrite module disabled fixed
  • Pagination in news posts improved
  • Issue in sorting listings by “Pay_date” on the Recently Added page fixed
  • Automatic detection of the time zone when installing the script added
  • Password protection for back end strengthened after installation
  • A pop-up with Terms of Use added to the escort script
  • Missing calendar issue in unfilled Date field fixed
  • Small picture issue in featured box on the Listing Details page fixed
  • Cursor issue in the “Phone” field on the Post an Ad page fixed
  • 2X scale for thumbnails in Account Area added

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