Some of Flynax customers have more than one website running on Flynax software and many of them want to link users between their websites so that a user who signs up on one website automatically becomes a member on others.

Meet account synchronizer plugin

To help you bridge all of your Flynax websites into one, we have developed an Account Synchronizer plugin. After installing it, all of your websites, no matter how many you have, will become as one. This will ensure that your users will be able to switch between different websites without having to create extra accounts with separate login details for each one.

Why you need it

Many companies provide various services under one platform. It would be rather time-consuming if a user would have to create a separate account on each of the service.

Consider Google, the biggest online company; it develops and supports various services, such as YouTube, Google mail/photos/docs/calendar and many others. To have access to all of Google’s services, you only need to create one account with Gmail.

Similarly, if you have different websites, one for real-estate, another for auto or any other classifieds, your users will only need to create an account on any of them in order to become members on all of them, furthermore, when a user edits one of his accounts, the changes will be synced between other accounts as well.

Plugin settings

After installation, the plugin adds a manager in the admin panel. Keep in mind, that you will need to install the plugin on every site that you wish to link. You also need to select the main website to each you wish to link all of your websites and configure the plugin settings in the admin panel of this website.

For the plugin to work, you need to add the websites you wish to link in the plugin manager of your website as well as enter those website admin panel access details. Once you do that, all the existing accounts will be synced and users will be linked among all of the websites.

Advanced configuration options

If you are synchronizing accounts from many websites, it is obvious that these websites will have different user accounts. For instance, on your real-estate website you may have an account for dealers and on your job board, you may have an account for employers or employees. The plugin gives you the flexibility of managing different account types between websites, you may either create the missing account types in the plugin manager or simply choose to unsync them.

Much in the same way, you may manage the fields that you wish to sync. The plugin gives you the flexibility of choosing them right in the plugin manager.

If you are running more than one website on Flynax and you have users who are active on both of your websites, the account synchronizer plugin is a must-have. It will make your users’ life easier and save a lot of their time.

You may download the plugin in the admin panel of your site by navigating to the plugin manager section or you may purchase the plugin from the Flynax client area.