Ever since WorksForWeb stopped supporting its script, many customers were left with a question of where they can find a viable WorkForWeb alternative. It is better to find it sooner because the more you wait, the more outdated your website becomes. While there are several alternatives, more and more people consider Flynax, and if you are one of them, this post is intended to answer the questions you may have regarding migrating from WorksForWeb to Flynax.

Migration from WorksForWeb to Flynax

If you have decided to transfer your WorksForWeb website to Flynax script, you should know that you are not the only one. We have already helped several WorksForWeb customers migrate their websites to our script and our team is familiar with their database and script structure. With this in mind, you may rest assured that this will be a seamless and fast migration procedure. 

Will I keep my users and ads?

When performing migration, our team will make sure that you retain:

  • All of your website users;
  • Accounts of your users;
  • Your users’ ads;
  • Ad photos;
  • Categories and fields;
  • Your website content.

The final result will be your website running on Flynax script with all of your website data integrated into Flynax.

Will I keep my SEO rankings?

Despite the fact that Flynax is the best WorksForWeb alternative, there might be some issues associated with keeping SEO ranking of your site after moving to Flynax. The problem is that WorksForWeb and Flynax have different URL structures, which means that categories and listings will be integrated into Flynax URL structure. The changes will affect your site because Google will need to reindex the content of your site on the new platform, which might result in a temporary ranking drop. We assume that your ranking will be restored soon but we cannot guarantee that your site will keep the same ranking as it did before because the Google search algorithms and ranking system are not predictable.

To mitigate the ranking drop we’ll add redirects to the new pages with the old content. Metadata of categories and listings will be moved along with the other data; all you need to do is to set up them from the back end. You will also need to track page errors in the Google Webmaster to quickly fix issues. Of course, we recommend installing our Sitemap plugin and adding it to the Google Webmaster and robot.txt

Will I have a similar classified ads theme?

Flynax offers a range of themes, both free and premium, and we are certain that you will be able to choose a template that best fits your website. Our themes cover classifieds types of auto, real-estate, pets, boats, escort. If you have a website operating in a different classifieds type, you may still choose one of our themes and use it effectively for your website. There will be a few tweaks you will need to perform though, such as uploading your logo, changing a header image to reflect your website concept, and a few other minor changes. You may count on our support to do minor changes within the first month of free support.

Custom theme

If you have a custom template that you would like to keep, we may also help you with that. Our developers will integrate your template into our script for an extra fee, which is usually decided on a case-by-case basis and depends on your theme complexity. Over the years, we have integrated hundreds of custom templates into our script and our team is rather experienced in it.


If your website offers paid memberships, packages and other premium services, you need payment gateways to collect and process payments. Flynax offers you Stripe and ccBill payment providers as free plugins, and 17 premium payment providers to choose from. The payment providers are region-specific and cover most popular countries. We even have a CoinGate plugin allowing your website to accept payments in most popular cryptocurrencies.

Functionality and addons

Both Flynax and WorksForWeb are classifieds scripts with functionality geared towards classifieds industry. Therefore, the functionality of the scripts is similar, however, considering the fact that Flynax has a big team of developers constantly working to perfect our script and WorksForWeb has long stopped supporting their product, our software offers extended functionality with more features added regularly with each new update. We keep an eye on recent trends and developments, always listen to our users’ input, which results in a script with cutting-edge functionality.

Powerful plugins

Aside from the core features, we constantly work on addons which may extend the functionality of our script even further. As of now, we offer 84 plugins, of which 42 are free. All of the plugins we have are very flexible meaning that you may activate them in admin panel in a couple of clicks as well as configure them to your needs via plugin managers. By installing plugins, you may set up advanced and configurable filters for an online-store, an auction or bidding, manage banners, set up an affiliate program and more. 

Native mobile apps

We have developed two native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms allowing your users to download them from Google Play or Apple Store and install them on their phones. This will give your users a smooth experience of using your website via apps You may go ahead and test them, for Android phones, go to Google Play and download FlyDroid, for apple phones, download iFlynax from Apple Store.


Get started with Flynax

To give a jumpstart to your website and to get the migrating process rolling, we offer a discount for data migration to all WorksForWeb customers. All you need to do is buy our script and our team will do the rest of the work for you.

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