The long-awaited update is finally here. The lion’s share of work on this update was done on maps, and as a result, script version 4.8.0 offers a fully reworked maps structure with new map service providers added.

Here are a few highlights of the update:

  • New free map providers added: OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Carto and Yandex.Maps;
  • New Geocoding providers added: ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap, Google Geocode;
  • New Static Maps providers added: Google Static Maps, Yandex Static Maps;
  • Ability to generate multilingual URLs for pages and categories added;
  • Location Finder and Search by Distance plugins adjusted to work smoothly with the new maps

New Maps System

We have fully reworked the maps and replaced Google Maps in our script to several free maps server providers. We did this because Google introduced a limit of queries to its map database, upon exceeding which, webmasters had to pay a fee to continue using Google services.

This update takes care of the limit and you may rest assured that all maps & map functionality in Flynax script will remain free. We admit that this wasn’t a regular update and required hundreds of man-hours and a lot of work, considering that the maps were reworked from scratch, with new options and functionality added. You can read more on new maps in our script in a detailed post where we focused on each option in more detail.

Multilingual URLs

This is an advanced feature disabled by default because it is mainly intended for websites targeting users from different countries. You may enable it from the admin panel and make the URL addresses of system pages and categories multilingual.

For the sake of example, let us consider the listing type of Motors and see how the same page URL will change depending on the user’s location.




The multilingual URLs may also be applied to all category pages on your website. For instance, a category of electronic goods:




This feature allows you to target users from different countries by showing them page URLs in a user’s native language. It also improves SEO rankings of your website in search engines.


Aside from the work on maps, we have also fixed all known and reported bugs:

  • All map bugs fixed;
  • Category selection hidden on the Add a Listing page if one category is offered;
  • Empty category boxes issue in the Nova templates fixed;
  • Wrong links issue on account pages with wildcard subdomain option enabled fixed;
  • Default language redirect issue if user selected another language fixed;
  • Invisible value issue in the search form dropdowns in the Auto Nova template fixed;
  • Wrong banner position issue in listings in the Nova templates fixed;
  • Missing account name issue in titles on the user account page fixed;
  • Missing H1 tag issue on the home page in Realty Nova template fixed;
  • Bug allowing users to exceed the usage limit for membership plans fixed;
  • Duplicate entries issue on the ‘My Packages’ page fixed;
  • Payment error on the script side when using the CoinGate gateway fixed;
  • Bug in the ‘Stay signed in’ option in the Agency script fixed;
  • Issue when editing the listing address fixed;
  • Returned value issue for the saved zip code field on the ‘My Alerts’ page fixed;
  • Issue that exhibited when editing admin details in back fixed;
  • Link issue on ‘My Listings’ page in back end when editing a listing type fixed;
  • Link issue in email notifications sent to incomplete user accounts fixed;
  • Display issue in account fields hidden from users fixed;
  • Incompatibility issues in language databases in back end fixed;
  • Button issues in back end when browsed with the Google Chrome fixed
  • Bug when updating or purchasing plans with the ‘Apache rewrite module’ enabled fixed;
  • ‘Banner space in listings’ option added to manage the banner position in listings
  • Autocomplete issue in the address field in search forms fixed;
  • Image cropping on mobile devices improved;
  • Error 404 after the software installation on third-level subdomains fixed;
  • Incorrect notice issue after relogging fixed;
  • Issue when loading listings with a non-default language in the Nova template;

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