Despite the hot summer days and the vacation mood, Flynax keeps working hard. We not only provide continuous support to our customers, but also do our best to improve our products despite the fact that we’re all going through hard times. We believe it is our long-standing tradition to release mixed updates that include both new functionality and bug fixes. Version 4.9.1 is not an exception. Meet Flynax 4.9.1, another update of our great classified ads software.

We have added a few interesting and useful features to the new version of our script, for example, an ability to translate phrases with the Google Translation API, a new manager to independently configure account pages, etc. We have also updated the database of car makes and models and the Fancybox gallery. In addition to these and other features that we’ve added to make your site more functional and user-friendly, we have fixed a number of bugs and issues that sometimes occurred in the previous version of the CMS.   

Let’s go over the new features and changes in more detail and see how they can be useful for you.

Translating phrases into another language with Google Translation API

We’ve been getting a number of requests for the automatic translation module powered by the Google Translation API recently. It is a long-awaited functionality that we’ve added to a number of sites on a custom basis. Today, we offer it as part of the basic functionality. With version 4.9.1 you will be able to get the phrases of the script and plugins translated into any language offered by the Google Translate service from the back end of your site. All you need to do to make it all work is to get a Google Translation API key.

Despite the fact that Google learns quickly and improves its algorithms on a daily basis, it still may be imperfect in some way because the machine cannot top the human translation. And depending on the accuracy of the source, the accuracy of the translation may also vary. So, some phrases may turn out to be meaningless or too long to fit a reserved web space. But it is perfect for the majority of the phrases that come with the script and plugins.

The module allows you to translate our script and plugins into another language in the blink of an eye, which is really fantastic! If you are not happy with some translation results you can always edit them from the language manager in the back end or leave them as they are because they are unlikely to be critical for understanding your site.

A new grid form for account types

The new version of our software allows you to show extra details, for example, Company info, on individual account pages. This has been made possible by adding a new grid form for account types. 

Previously, we offered one grid form for both the page with all account types listed and an individual page for each account. The new version of the script enables you to configure these forms separately. For example, you can use 2 fields for the page where all accounts of a certain account type (sellers, buyers, etc.) are listed: name and country, and a few more fields for individual account pages: name, country, phone, email, etc.

We’ve added new car makes and models to the database

We always try to keep up with the times. And in doing so, we regularly update the databases used in our script. In the new version of our CMS, we have updated the database of car makes and models.

We added new makes and models that had not previously been presented in the market and were launched just recently. With the updated database, the process of adding listings has become even easier. 

A new version of the FancyApps photogallery

We’ve updated the Fancybox gallery to version 4.0. This allowed us to solve a number of problems with the display of images and video files in some formats that systematically occurred in certain browsers, such as Safari. Updating the library also helped us to resolve problems related to the design of templates and the way they looked in the mobile interface.

Main Menu in OLX and Rainbow templates

Our OLX clone template is a copy of the corresponding well-known theme. Just like in the original template, we excluded the ability to use the main menu. However, many customers, who are used to having such a menu in our other templates, have requested to add it.

So, we decided to make it available in the new version to make our classified ads themes more flexible and user-friendly. In other words, you may still use the OLX template without the main menu, or, if you really like it, you can enable it and use it on your site.

This feature also applies to the General Rainbow template.

Other new features and changes

  • A redirect to the corresponding page on ‘My Listings’ page after editing the ad added
  • An ability to update static files in the user’s browser cache added
  • The Stats Box performance in the back end improved
  • Yandex Geocoder service added


  • A missing ReCaptcha issue in some templates fixed
  • A “?logout” parameter issue in URLs after logging out fixed
  • An issue when the Bookmark and Share icons overlapped the Contact/Call seller buttons fixed
  • A wrong price format fixed
  • An issue when the crontab left images intact when removing listings fixed
  • A small width issue in dropdowns with the autocomplete option fixed
  • A conflict with the Apache web server version 2.4 fixed
  • An issue in Check All/Uncheck All buttons fixed
  • A crontab script issue fixed
  • A bullet and numbering list issue in boxes and pages fixed
  • An empty category box issue fixed
  • An issue in the templates with the disabled Add a Listing page fixed
  • A cursor position issue in fields in RTL languages fixed
  • A payment date error after changing membership plan fixed
  • A quote issue when editing text in account/listing fields fixed
  • A required text field issue with enabled ‘Multilingual’ option fixed
  • A bug in the user IP detection fixed
  • An issue when setting a default category for listing type fixed
  • A bug when searching accounts by a multilingual field fixed
  • A company name field issue with the enabled ‘Multilingual’ option fixed
  • An edit link issue on the Listing Details page with the incomplete status fixed
  • An issue when removing messages from visitors from My Messages manager fixed
  • A bug that prevented the removal of related phrases from the database after removing a category fixed
  • A filter issue in the Listings Manager in the back end fixed
  • An issue on the Add a Listing page after rearranging categories fixed

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