When launching a real estate listing website, everything seems to be important. That is, your real estate portal offers a needed functionality, it is user and SEO-friendly, it is populated with listings, etc. But what about the visual component — a template, which is the first thing that a user sees when he lands on your site? Is it important? We believe the theme that you use on your real estate listing website is the most important element. That is why we have decided to tell you more about our real estate themes, their special features, and the opportunity of making them unique.

What real estate templates we offer

We offer 6 real estate templates, one of them is free and the other five are premium. Just like the other themes, they have been designed over the years and show the evolution of our Real Estate Listing Script. With the development of our CMS and enhancement of its functionality, our templates also got better and more sophisticated.

Let’s start with our most modern and stylish theme — Realty Rainbow. Released just recently, it has immediately won the hearts of our customers. The Realty Rainbow theme is trendy in all respects. It also features a massive functional potential and offers everything you might need for launching a robust portal for real estate listings.

The theme comes in two color schemes — light and dark. The selection of a default color scheme usually depends on that of the operating system or visitor’s browser settings. However, users may choose the color scheme that they like most and switch between the two schemes by clicking the button in the upper right corner next to the login button.

Another distinctive feature of the Realty Rainbow theme is a large slider in the header. You may use the slider to display photos of luxurious homes, make announcements for users, introduce new features that were made available, and show other things.

The Realty Nova template comes in two versions — Realty Nova Teaser and Realty Nova Map. The names of the templates speak for themselves. The Realty Nova Map offers a wide dynamic map in the header with a set of fields that users may use for searching listings on the map.

The Realty Nova Teaser offers the same search fields above a wide teaser in the header that you may use for placing a nice teaser.

You can also use a number of blocks to make searching for listings even easier, for example, Browse by Property Type, Popular Cities, etc.

The Realty Wide template is minimalistic in design. Its key functionality is featured in the header while the rest of the space is used for listings. To facilitate the navigation, you can use a variety of blocks with property for sale, property for rent, recently added listings, etc.

The Real Estate Map theme is one of our oldest templates, but it hasn’t lost its popularity. The design of the template is pretty simple. Similar to Realty Nova Map, the template offers a dynamic map in the header that users can use to search for ads.

The last real estate theme on the list is Realty Flatty that you get for free with the purchase of our real estate listing script. Despite the fact that it looks primitive, it is still fully functional and can be used for launching a real estate site.

Despite the simplicity of the design, the template represents the majority of the software and plugin features and options. It has the same menu items (Home, Property, Search on Map, etc.), a search form that allows filtering ads by country, city, number of bedrooms, etc., blocks like Browse for Property Type, Popular cities, and a large space for displaying listings. 

If you have a limited budget, Realty Flatty can be a good choice. Besides, you can always switch to a premium theme at any time in the future.

Are the themes we offer responsive and flexible?

As we have already told you before, each of our six templates offers its own special features. However, they all have a lot in common:

  • All our themes are fully responsive and look nice on desktop and mobile devices;
  • The templates are seamlessly integrated into our real estate listing script;
  • They are easy to install, set up, and customize;
  • They work smoothly with all our plugins and add-ons.

Is it possible to make one of our themes unique?

All our templates are ready-made solutions. It means that you may use them as they are, without changing anything. However, if you want to get something special you may invest some time in fine-tuning the original design of the template. You may either make slight changes or completely transform the appearance of your theme. This will make your website look totally different and maybe better than the original design.

So, what exactly can you do to make your template more unique?

  • Change the color scheme, partially or totally;  
  • Add your custom image to the header of the site;
  • Rearrange the menu items and their sequence;
  • Add new blocks with custom content;
  • Reposition the existing content blocks;
  • Add a custom logo.

If you want to get a totally custom theme, you may order one from a third-party web design company or a freelance designer. We can always consider the integration of a custom real estate theme into your site if you provide all the pages that we need. If you choose to go with a custom design, take a few minutes to read through our Guidelines for a Custom Template.

How you could manage the site content?

Our themes give you a lot of freedom for managing the site contents. All the content, including images, text, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript codes, is represented in content boxes. The content boxes may be used and arranged on your website in a variety of ways. In particular, you may:

  • Add custom boxes and populate them with unique content;
  • Select a page(s) where certain content boxes will be displayed;
  • Select a position for a content box on the page; etc.

Real estate script that comes with our templates

All the templates described above have been specifically designed for our Script for Real Estate Listings. The script comes with an intuitive installation wizard that allows you to quickly install the software. You will be able to select a template mentioned above from the back end of your site. As you learn and set up the software you may start with Realty Flatty because it is free and simple. Or you may select the premium templates when placing the order so you could get the templates in place right after installation. 

To sum up, we would like to say that our templates are not only stylish, they are functional and entirely customizable, which allows you to make the changes that you need and create an absolutely unique theme for your website. They are also responsive and flexible which significantly improves user experience. We believe that the special features and capabilities of our real estate listing templates deserve your attention and can become a nice addition to your website.

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