Today we’re releasing a forced update – Flynax 4.9.2. We had to start working on the update when a lot of the hosting companies started to force PHP 8 on their customers urging them to get their sites updated to PHP 8. Some of our customers had to move their sites to other hosting platforms that could still support PHP 7.4. We understand that it was a huge inconvenience to some of you. To remediate the situation we’ve added support for PHP 8 to all our classified ads scripts and some plugins. The update also offers a few features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Of course, we could have updated the software to PHP 8 earlier but the problem was that we offer a number of plugins that run on PHP 7.4, and we wanted to update a certain number of the plugins before moving to PHP 8. Recognizing the urgency and importance of this transition, we dedicated several months to diligently work on adding support for PHP 8 to our script. While some may argue that PHP 8 support might not be considered a standalone feature, we firmly believe it provides a major improvement to our software.

Now, let’s look into the details of the new features and enhancements that our Classified Ads Script 4.9.2 brings to the table.

Support for PHP 8: Enhancing performance and security

Boosted performance

By incorporating support for PHP 8, we have boosted the performance of our classified ads script. The latest PHP version introduces several performance optimizations and enhancements, resulting in faster execution times and improved efficiency.

Fixing errors and vulnerabilities

Updating to PHP 8 allowed us to address and fix errors and vulnerabilities that were present in the older PHP versions. With the latest PHP version, we ensure that our classified software is running on a secure and stable foundation.

A wider selection of hosting solutions

The transition to PHP 8 has become a requirement for many hosting companies, as they gradually phase out support for older PHP versions. By adding PHP 8 support to our classified ads script, we ensure compatibility with the latest hosting environments and give you access to a wider selection of hosting providers. You can now confidently choose the hosting solution that best fits your needs, without being limited by outdated PHP versions.

New capabilities for developers

Supporting PHP 8 opens up more possibilities for developers working with our classified ads script. PHP 8 introduces new features and functionalities that can be harnessed to enhance the capabilities of your platform.

Effortless communication with sellers via WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram

In our latest release, Flynax 4.9.2, we have made it easier than ever for buyers to connect with sellers. Whether users are accessing your platform via web applications or mobile devices, they can now easily contact sellers using the three most popular messaging applications: WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram.

We have introduced an additional block of settings that enables you to add messaging icons to the phone number field. When users click these icons, the corresponding messaging app will open automatically. This approach eliminates the need for users to manually copy and paste phone numbers or switch between different messaging apps, providing a hassle-free communication experience.

Updated CKEditor and CKFinder

As we introduced support for PHP 8 in Flynax 4.9.2, it became imperative to ensure that all the components of our script align with the new version. CKEditor and CKFinder are integral parts of the Flynax experience, providing a powerful and intuitive text editing and file management solution. By updating CKEditor and CKFinder to versions that support PHP 8, we guarantee smooth functionality and compatibility with the latest software environment.

Extra details about plans and packages in the user grid

In previous versions of our software, administrators were unable to check the payment and expiration dates of specific membership plans or packages when viewing user details. We have addressed this limitation in Flynax 4.9.2 by adding the dates to both the pop-up window and a separate column within the grid. This enhancement allows the Administrator to quickly access and review payment and expiration dates right from the account grid without the need for additional clicks or navigation.


  • Free listing package logic reworked: users will be able to update the package when it expires
  • Tile provider logotypes added to Google and Yandex maps
  • A phantom data issue in the database after removing listings/categories from the Trash Box fixed
  • A listing removal issue when removing user account from the back end fixed
  • A package name issue in the ‘Transaction Manager’ in the admin panel fixed
  • A capital non-Latin character issue in category paths when adding categories fixed
  • A visitor access logic on the ‘Add a Listing’ page reworked. The “Adding listings without signing up” setting removed
  • A delimiter issue in prices, when disabled by the Administrator, fixed
  • A bug when the system sent notifications for disabled email templates fixed
  • ‘Load More Listings’ logic reworked in the ‘General Rainbow’ theme in the mobile version
  • A cron issue when it sent listing expiration notifications in the wrong language fixed
  • A double quote issue in user account names fixed
  • A parent category issue when a user suggested his category fixed
  • A hidden content issue in the AdBlock extension in the browser fixed
  • Multilingual tab view in the admin panel when a number of languages are available improved
  • A missing system phrase issue after removing categories fixed
  • A non-Latin character issue in user account URLs on subdomains fixed
  • An error on the ‘Add a Listing’ page with the enabled Location Finder plugin fixed
  • A plan title issue in the listing manager with the ‘Upgrade to Featured’ option fixed
  • A bug triggered by changing the category on the ‘Edit Listing’ page fixed
  • A Favorites synchronization error when logging in to the ‘Sign In’ box on the ‘Add a Listing’ page fixed
  • A wrong link color issue in the Account Area menu in the ‘General Wide’ theme fixed
  • A listing gallery issue when double quotes are used in the listing title fixed
  • Missing data added to the dump when exporting a language from the admin panel
  • A detected vulnerability in listing text fields removed
  • A wrong link to the account details when chatting with the user in the admin panel fixed
  • Tab view in the search forms improved

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