We have recently added Hungarian language into our script, which means that most of the things a user interacts with in the frontend was translated into Hungarian. Our goal is to make our script accessible to people from different countries where our classifieds software is widely used; and the support of Hungarian, which is spoken by more than 10 million people brings us one step closer to this goal. Right now, you may see how your website may look in Hungarian on our demo.

Most spoken languages

When we consider adding a language into our script, we firstly evaluate its demand among the people using our script. If we look at the world’s most spoken languages or Europe’s most popular languages, you will see that our script has already been translated into most of them, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic and others.

Translate or edit

The Hungarian language pack is now available to all Flynax customers and you may download it from the client area and then import it in a couple of clicks via admin panel. 

Every language available in our script was added by a native speaker, normally a Flynax customer who translated it and kindly shared the translation with us. If you are not fully satisfied with some of the translation or perhaps you prefer to translate some of the things differently and adapt the language to your website concept, you can easily do this via a user-friendly language manager in backend.

The flexible language widget in the admin panel allows you to search for any word/phrase and edit it to your preferences. Similarly, you may translate your website into any language from scratch without having to deal with HTML.

We understand that every language may bring you more customers who prefer browsing the website in their local tongue. With this in mind, we will keep adding new languages into our script.