Today we want to tell you about our new plugin – Landing Pages. The Landing Pages plugin is another powerful SEO tool in the Flynax arsenal offered as a premium plugin. Despite the simplicity of the use, the Plugin is very efficient in the promotion of listings/products on marketplaces and classified ads sites. The Landing Pages allows you to generate numerous SEO-friendly pages tailored to both high and low-frequency keywords filtered by city, country, and other parameters.

What is a landing page?

In simple terms, a landing page is a special SEO wrapping for any existing page on the site. It’s designed to match specific search keywords and locations, making it a perfect match for what people are looking for. This means landing pages help your website show up in search results more accurately when people search for those keywords and locations.

The functional power of the Plugin rests on two other add-ons, which are offered for our marketplace & classifieds software:

How your marketplace can benefit from using landing pages?

Using the two plugins above you may create quite an SEO-friendly site that will offer optimized URLs with locations and useful filtering parameters, for example,

The Landing Pages plugin takes your SEO strategy a step further, offering you greater freedom and control. It empowers you to craft more concise URLs that precisely match the keywords and locations your potential customers are likely to use in their search queries, for example,

In this scenario, search engines interpret …/hoodies-for-kids-in-miami/ as a standalone category that offers the most relevant products related to the user’s specific search query. This precise and targeted URL structure enhances the visibility of your category and makes it more likely for search engines to rank it higher in search results when users are looking for “hoodies for kids in Miami.”

Using the Filter plugin you may add more useful details to such URLs, for example,,blue,red/

Optimizing your URLs for search engines can significantly boost your website’s traffic, which, in turn, can lead to increased sales. When your URLs are structured to align with what users are searching for, it improves the odds of ads appearing in relevant search results. As a result, more potential customers are likely to discover your products or services.

How to add a landing page?

At the core of the Landing Pages plugin is an easy-to-use manager that gives you complete control over the process of adding SEO-friendly landing pages. Adding a landing page is very simple; all you need to do is to fill in the following fields from the admin panel:

  • Title (aka meta title);
  • Heading (H1);
  • Meta description;
  • Meta Keywords (optional);
  • SEO Text.

NOTE: SEO text is SEO-friendly text placed anywhere on the landing page in a separate block. The text is supposed to be related to your chosen keywords. If your site supports multiple languages, make sure to provide paths and metadata in all available languages.

You will also need to set a URL of the landing page that will act as a reflection of an original URL and fill in two main fields,

  • Landing page URL, and
  • Site (original) page URL

IMPORTANT: When filling in these fields, don’t add the domain, subdirectory name (if any), and the two-character page language code because they are added by the Plugin automatically. The URL must end with a slash and cannot include file extensions like .html, for example,

[ miami/sport-clothes/kids-hoodies/ ]
[ hoodies-for-kids-in-miami/ ]

Sitemap bonus

Once you create your landing page, it will be automatically added to your sitemap.xml file conditioned that the Sitemap plugin is installed on your site. This feature streamlines the process, sparing you from manual effort and ensuring that your landing pages are discovered by search engines.

The Landing Pages plugin is a valuable addition for marketplaces and classified ads sites. It enhances SEO by creating tailored landing pages for specific search keywords and locations. These pages offer optimized URLs with useful filtering parameters, driving more traffic and increasing the likelihood of conversions. With an intuitive manager and automated sitemap integration, it simplifies the process of boosting your site’s performance. Explore the benefits of Landing Pages to take your website to the next level.

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