In an effort to make your classified ads sites not only functional but also more attractive, we developed a new Rainbow template that has been warmly welcomed both by our existing customers and prospects. Inspired by positive feedback, we continued to work on the Rainbow line and now we are ready to present you with a new theme for our car sales website CMS – Auto Rainbow that can be used for new and used cars. The theme offers all the features and innovations that you loved so much in our General Rainbow theme.

The Auto Rainbow theme is a continuation of the General Rainbow theme released concurrently with the Car Dealer Website Script 4.9. Like all the themes in the new Rainbow line, the Auto Rainbow theme offers a simple, unpretentious, and trendy design, with small bright accents.

The theme comes in light and dark color schemes. The light color scheme is characterized by a combination of warm shades ranging from white-grey to ash, while the dark scheme has alternating graphite and wet asphalt tones. The icons, words, and phrases in both schemes come in saturated orange color.

The Auto Rainbow template has all the features and functions of the new Rainbow line, such as:

  • Two-color schemes – light and dark, which you may enable depending on the color scheme of the user’s operating system or the settings of his browser. In addition, visitors can switch between the light and dark color schemes using a special icon located in the upper right corner of the page, next to the login button (the icon comes in the form of a crescent in the light color scheme and in the form of the sun in the dark scheme);
  • A large slider in the header on the homepage, where you can rotate beautiful car images, important news, or information about upcoming events with relevant links;
  • Contrasting tabs of the search forms on the home page. You may display extra search forms in tabs, highlight them, and/or use SVG icons;
  • A phone icon in the listing block on the pages of search results and categories, as well as in blocks with premium listings on the home page and other pages.

We really hope that you will like our new Auto Rainbow theme for new and used cars just as much as you like the General Rainbow one. Both themes are available for download.

All the customers enjoying access to the premium themes may download the Auto Rainbow from the Customer Area. If you don’t have access yet, we suggest buying it now.

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