Today we are happy to present a new real estate listing theme – Realty Rainbow, which is a nice addition to our Rainbow line of themes. Just like the other templates in the line – General Rainbow and Auto Rainbow, the Realty Rainbow theme is minimalist in design but features a combination of sober background colors and bright buttons making it attractive and catchy.

We’d like to note that the Rainbow theme for listing property sites is compatible with the latest Real Estate Listing Script 4.9. So, if you like the theme but run an older version of the script you will need to update to the newest version to get the theme working. 

The Realty Rainbow theme comes in two color schemes – light and dark, which makes it possible for the user to choose the scheme that best matches his mood or other needs (remember that the button that is used to switch between the color schemes can be found in the upper right corner next to the login button). A color scheme, any of the two, can be applied by default depending on the color scheme of the operating system or the browser settings of the site visitor. 

In the light color scheme, we can see a combination of white and gray background colors with a rich blueberry hue in the header, while in the dark scheme, it is deep green and dark gray tones that are dominant. While the lettering in the Realty Rainbow theme is blue, white, or black, the icons, including the recently added phone icon in the listing cards, come in a bright malachite color.

There is a large slider at the top of the home page where you may rotate pictures of landmarks in the city or state where the properties for sale listed on your site are located or provide some important information for your users to see, for example, about upcoming events. When you add a photo or information to the slider, a light blue or greenish-blue color filter, depending on the color scheme that you have chosen, will be applied.

If you like our new theme for listing property sites, you can play with it on the demo site, or buy access to it right now by clicking the button below.

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