We released the OpenAI plugin for our classifieds software two weeks ago. We know that version 1.0 offers the basic functionality but this is just the beginning of a great journey taking into account the growing popularity and ubiquity of artificial intelligence. In this digest, we want to speculate about new features that will make the OpenAI plugin more functional and useful. Join the discussion if you have something to say.

Currently, the OpenAI plugin allows users to generate ad descriptions using the well-known GPT functionality. It collects the most basic data about users’ items when they fill in the fields and using the AI computing power and AI database expands upon them by generating compelling descriptions.

Judging by the number of downloads the Plugin met the basic expectations of our customers. We want to thank all those who helped us with this work and provided their valuable feedback. We are considering adding the following features,

Writing news on the site with AI

We plan to add the functionality that will allow the administrator to write news on the site using the OpenAI API. We are likely to add the option to the next version.

Writing metadata for categories

Writing metadata for categories might take a lot of time. Using OpenAI for writing metadata will significantly speed up and simplify the process of crafting metadata.

Selection of categories for ads

One of our customers suggested adding the AI functionality that will help users select proper categories for their ads. This feature makes sense when you have hundreds of categories and your users may have difficulty selecting the right category.

We’re looking forward to getting your thoughts and ideas about new features for the OpenAI plugin.