Meet PayPal Checkout gateway that we have integrated into our script and that you can use to collect payments from users. Aside from the PayPal Pro gateway, which is supported only in US, Canada or UK, PayPal Checkout offers a much wider coverage allowing you to create an account from most of the countries.

Why you need it?

PayPal is the largest payment gateway that is used by over 300 million users worldwide. Many users consider PayPal as a trustworthy payment provider that will securely process their funds. If your classifieds business operates in countries where PayPal is widely used, such as US, Canada, Australia or Europe, you should consider adding it to your website as a payment gateway. It will increase conversion and generate more sales for your website.

Getting started

PayPal Checkout requires that you create a business or premium account. After creating an account, you may link it to the plugin in your Flynax website and start using it. Once you enable the plugin, your users will be able to pay for services on your website using PayPal checkout.

Keep in mind that your users do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make a payment, PayPal checkout works with major credit/debit cards and the entire payment process happens on your website without the user’s need to navigate to PayPal’s website.

Fees and commissions

If you reside in the United States, the fees for handling payments will be 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. The fees for other countries are 4.2% per transaction; however, we recommend that you check PayPal’s official pricing page for more info. There are no setup and monthly fees, you only pay when you receive a payment from a customer.

Other benefits

  • Supports various subscription plans and options;
  • Ability for users to upgrade/downgrade/cancel subscription right on your site;
  • Receive money to your PayPal account within minutes from transaction;
  • Rest API for more secure payments;
  • Use of Web-hooks;
  • Support of mobile payments;

PayPal checkout provides access to your website to millions of customers worldwide who are using PayPal for purchases.