Meet the update of Flynax native mobile apps for iOS and Android. We decided to mirror the update on both apps so that the functionality in both of them remains the same. Although we can’t say that this is a major update with a lot of new features; however, it is definitely an important one, because it makes both of our apps better and more stable.

Social network login for apps

The essential feature for both apps is the ability for users to sign up/create accounts via social networks, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Vk. This is achieved with the Social Login plugin and this update has made the plugin compatible with both of our apps. 

For iOS app, we have also added the Sign in with Apple option, which is highly useful for users of iOS devices. It will allow users to use their Apple ID to join your website instead of filling out forms and verifying emails. The Social Login feature is a must nowadays and now both of our apps support it.

Optimized media upload

When users upload media to your website, it is important how this media is stored to optimize the server load.  We have already added this feature to our script and now all listing pictures are automatically transformed into two versions: a small one as a thumbnail and a bigger one for a preview when a user clicks on it. We have added this long-awaited feature in both of our apps thus optimizing server resources, which results in faster media load in apps.

Required photo option

We have mirrored the required photo option feature from the script to our apps. If enabled, users creating an account from the apps will be required to upload a photo in order to sign up. This feature is optional, and you may turn it off from admin panel allowing users to create accounts without the need to upload a photo.

Other enhancements

Since both of our apps are using third-party libraries and dependencies, we have gone over all of them and updated them to latest versions, fine-tined the settings, and adapted them to work better with our apps. We have also fixed all known and reported bugs making our apps bug-free and more stable.

Why you need the apps

As more and more people rely on their mobile devices for browsing the Internet, we will keep working on our apps so that they are always up-to-date. If you are considering using our apps for your website along with our script. Here are the top reasons why you need to get a native mobile app for your website.

  • Native experience for your users;
  • Support of Google AdMob for Goodle ads;
  • Full RTL support for Arabic audiences;
  • In-app-purchases/Google Pay for accepting payments natively;
  • Full GDRP compliance functionality;
  • Add alerts & push notifications;
  • Upload photos/videos taken from mobile devices;
  • Search for ads around you using maps functionality;

Try out our apps

You may test the updated apps by downloading and installing them either from Android market or App Store.

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  • Bred Budner says:

    Way to go Flynax! The Apple Connect is what I’ve been waiting for! Your apps are magnificent!

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