Despite the fact that our car sales website script is a fully-functional product, it simply can’t include all the features that you may want to have in it. Even if it could, it would make the script too heavy and complicated, and updating it would be a real challenge. With this idea in mind, we have developed a great number of plugins, both free and premium, intended to enhance the functionality of the basic script.

And since not all of them are suitable for the car classified CMS, we have prepared a list of the most important add-ons that we believe will be beneficial for users of your classified site. All these add-ons are divided into 8 groups depending on what they do and how they can improve the operation of your site. Let us consider them in more detail.

Adding Car Listings

Adding listings to your used car classified website can be tedious as it requires providing a description, filling in multiple specifications, and uploading photos and videos of vehicles on sale. However, we do have a couple of tools to simplify the process.

Car Specs plugin allows car dealers to save both time and effort by adding car specifications to listings from a local vehicle database. All they need to do is to enter a VIN code or a nameplate of a car into the database, and the system will add all the specs automatically. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Both CSV/XLS Import plugin and XML Feed Import plugin can be useful for a newly launched car classified site. These Plugins will help you populate your website with hundreds of cars in a few clicks. Listings can be obtained from other auto classified sites in the form of CSV/XLS files or XML feeds with all photos and information. Both Plugins are PREMIUM.

Importing Makes and Models

Makes and models in the car classified script are presented in the form of categories and subcategories. In case you need to add a few of those but feel reluctant to do it manually, you can use the Make and Model Import plugin which is designed to streamline the process of adding new categories and subcategories to your website. In order to do it, you need to create a file in XLS format with a list of car makes and/or models you want to add, and then import the file using this add-on. The Plugin is FREE.

Car Brand Icons can be helpful if you wish to provide a better visual representation of categories on your used car website. For example, you can add icons showcasing specific car makes or body types to mark the categories. The Plugin is FREE.

Mobile Environment

Today, when people use smartphones in every aspect of their lives, making this experience more convenient is something that you definitely want to do if you have a car classified site. 

PWA serves as a wrapper for your website turning it into a mobile app. As a result, users feel more comfortable browsing your website, the traffic flow increases, and you have better SEO rankings. In addition, unlike mobile applications that use a light version of the site, the PWA plugin allows users to enjoy all the functions of other add-ons. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

We also have native mobile applications for iOS and Android that your users can install on their phones and use to get access to your car classified site.

Managing Car Listings

When you already have many listings on your website, you may want to install additional plugins to be able to manage these listings. 

Compare Cars plugin allows users to add cars to a comparison table and view them in a separate window with all their parameters, including specifications, price details, etc., compared in a convenient form. Comparison tables may be saved for further use. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Live Action plugin is a must-have for any used car classified site. It allows sellers to run an online auction on their cars. Buyers in their turn can make bids and see the countdown timer showing how much time is left before the auction is over. A live auction creates a sense of urgency, stimulates buyers’ activity and drives more attention to a listing. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

If you want to display your ads with a carousel effect, our Listing Carousel plugin may come in handy. You can add to the carousel all of the boxes created by default or those that you select specifically for this purpose. The Plugin is FREE.

Listing Boxes plugin is a tool that helps you create boxes with random, popular, featured, or recently added listings, and place them in different positions and on different pages of your website. The Plugin is FREE.

Booking is one of the most important and massive add-ons that you can use on your auto classifieds website. It allows users to book vehicles before purchasing them and for a test drive. It can also be used to build a car rental website. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

If you want users to stay longer on your site, make sure they find as many interesting and relevant listings as possible. To do that, use our Similar Cars plugin that displays a box with similar cars featured along with listing details. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Finding a perfect car can take a while, which means that users will have to look through dozens or even more cars on your site. And some of them might want to return to the cars that they have already viewed. For situations like this, we offer our Recently Viewed Cars plugin. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Listing Label plugin helps you to label cars according to their status on your site. The default labels include “visible”, “invisible” and “sold”. However, you may add any other label you need. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

If you have hundreds of listings on your site, you may want to involve your users in the moderation process by installing the Report a Listing plugin. The Plugin creates a possibility for users to report car ads that violate the terms of use, have inappropriate content or look suspicious. The Plugin is FREE.

If you have used any of our import plugins (CSV/XLS Import plugin and XML Import plugin) to quickly populate your website with listings, you may end up with plenty of ads that do not belong to anyone. In this case, the Claim Your Listing plugin may be useful. The Plugin adds a “Claim Listing” button to the listing details page allowing owners to claim their ads by email, SMS, or by uploading an image or providing other evidence to confirm ownership. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

If a user wants to save information about a certain listing or a number of listings, he can do it with the help of our PDF Export plugin that converts a listing details page into a lightweight PDF file that can be either saved on a mobile device or printed.

When the QR Code Generator plugin is also installed, each PDF file created by the PDF Export plugin will contain a QR code. A user will be able to scan the code with his mobile device and thus save the information about the viewed listing with all contact details of the owner as a card in his phone. Both plugins are FREE.

Microdata plugin is used to display listing details, such as car name, year of manufacture, color, price, etc. in search results. It helps users to understand how interesting your website can be for them and you to increase traffic and improve CTRs. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Feedback from Users

If you want to receive feedback from your users, we have a few add-ons which can help you with that. 

Listing Comments/Reviews plugin allows your users to add comments and reviews to listings available on your auto classifieds website which makes it more interactive and SEO-friendly. Users can also rate your listings by assigning them a certain number of stars. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Car Rating plugin allows users to rate cars on your used car classified website. It also provides statistics on rated cars, which users can find helpful when making a purchasing decision. The Plugin is FREE.

Seller Reviews/Rating plugin provides users with the possibility to rate sellers on your website and leave their reviews about sellers’ products and services. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Testimonials plugin allows users of your website to leave their comments about the quality of your work, your support team, and your website in general. The Plugin is FREE.

Prices and Loans

Average Price plugin allows users to see the average market price for vehicles they intend to buy. The possibility to find information about the average price helps buyers make more informed decisions and ensures a better shopping experience on your site. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Price History plugin is another tool that buyers may find helpful. It is used to track prices for vehicles and determine the best moment to make a purchase. The Plugin is FREE.

If your users need financing to buy a car, they may really benefit from our Loan Calculator plugin. The Plugin allows users to calculate the full amount they will have to repay and even determine a loan repayment schedule without the need to switch to websites of financial institutions. The Plugin is FREE.

Searching and Filtering

It is obvious that users come to your site to look for cars that they are interested in rather than simply browse through all the cars available. This means that you cannot do without proper searching and filtering functions. Let’s see what we have to offer in this particular area.

Filter plugin allows your users to filter through cars on your website by selecting a number of parameters instead of thinking about search criteria that could best fit their request. You can set those parameters by yourself: used or new, body styles, year of make, etc. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

Multifield/Location plugin consists of two modules: the Multifield Filter that allows you to create cascading dropdown fields to be used on “Post an Ad”, “Registration”, and “Search” forms; and the Location Filter that is designed to filter listings by a particular location. When installed together with the Filter plugin mentioned above, the add-on makes the search even more precise. The Plugin is FREE.

Field-Bound Boxes plugin is used to create standalone boxes with links in the form of categories which provide users with the possibility to filter through multiple listings. The boxes are flexible and may contain icons, images, text, or text and images. The boxes may also come with a listing counter showing the number of listings in a certain category. The Plugin is FREE.

Search by Distance plugin is an absolute must-have for a car classified website. It allows users to find cars in the vicinity to avoid traveling long distances to test drive a car. The Plugin can be used in any country and the map search results will always be accurate since the service is based on Google API. The Plugin is PREMIUM.


If your used car classified site is new, monetization is probably the last thing you think about. However, if you already have steady traffic and a significant number of listings, the add-ons listed below will help you generate profit from your site.

Users who sell cars on your website will be ready to pay for the opportunity to make their ads visible to buyers. And this is exactly what our Monetizer plugin does. It bumps up selected listings to the top page where they are more likely to be spotted by buyers. In addition, the Plugin allows you to highlight ads in order to make them more noticeable. The Plugin is PREMIUM.

You can also earn money by selling ad space using the Banners plugin. Your partners or other advertisers may place their banners on your website to promote their products or services which are directly or indirectly related to cars (for example, they may want to advertise oils and technical fluids, tires, spare parts, and all kinds of items that can be used in cars). The Plugin is PREMIUM.

In order to collect payments on your auto classifieds website, we have developed a number of payment gateways. The variety of the payment gateways that you can choose from depends on many factors, but we can assure you that there is at least one or two that you will definitely be able to use wherever you work from (PayPal, SecurionPay, Stripe, WalletOne, etc.). 

We also have CoinGate gateway that allows you to collect crypto payments in bitcoins and the most popular altcoins.

For users who cannot use online payment systems, we can offer our Offline Payments plugin that provides the possibility to make payments in conditions where no other payment options are available. Some of these payment gateways are free and others are PREMIUM.

Although the basic functions of the auto classifieds script may seem enough for some time, you will definitely need to add a few plugins later in order to improve searching and filtering functions, better manage your listings, provide users with an opportunity to get access to your portal using mobile devices, allow them to leave comments about cars on your site, and a lot more other options and possibilities that all fully-fledged websites have. This will not only improve the entire performance of your site, but also make it friendlier and more attractive for users, thus taking your classifieds business to a whole new level.